Extinction Rebellion

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  • pushing the wrong gear?

  • Oh. New page fail - I can't be asked to edit

  • Yep. Shutting down public transport seems akin to anti-capitalist protesters smashing up John Lewis.

    Because they’re a (almost) a co-operative?

  • Peacefully disrupting normality so people question normality.

  • DPD are in a bit of quandry.
    The return address;
    'The Secret Lair,
    The Hollowed-out Mountain,
    The Private Island',
    they immediately contacted Branson,
    he has denied all knowledge of ever even considering 'Virgin Infected Monkeys Inc.'

  • A couple of demonstrators glued outside Corbyn’s house 😂

    They’re getting great coverage now, really hope the momentum keeps going.

  • Yep, this link went round at work just now:

    BBC seem to be covering it quite well, with lots of follow up articles.

  • I went to the bridge, Marble Arch and Oxford Circus today. In many ways an impressive achievement but equally it's hard to escape the feeling that Glastonbury (both the festival and the 'spiritual' people) has come to town and that you are never more than ten feet away from someone who has an unhealthy relationship with crystals. And folk music. Reminded me of the Fast Show line about 'loose fitting, vaguely ethnic clothing'. I am not sure how Jon Snow would feel about it but it wasn't much less all-white than any other non-BAME specific protest.
    Maybe it will lead to something, maybe the dreaded 'awareness', but the notion that the government might choose to meet these people, or any representative of them, is beyond satire.
    Then again it really was impressive to see Marble Arch full of tents and I wouldn't knock the commitment needed.

  • There's a David Attenborough programme on tomorrow night


    Worth firing up the VCR

  • There's a pretty broad cross section of people behind the campaign although the 'festival people' are often the most visible and are often among those most willing to get arrested...many of us (myself included) don't want to have to deal with the complications of a criminal record but that shouldn't stop us going down and showing our support as global warming doesn't discriminate based on your fashion sense or lifestyle choices

  • The cops have been giving a really clear warning before arresting. You can get involved in any blockade without fear of accidentally finding yourself arrested.

    Probably don’t glue yourself to J Corbs or a police horse though.

  • Maybe it will lead to something

    We know Occupy and the Gilet Jaune nudged the dial. How demonstrations make change is never clear at the time. Be hopeful.

  • this is an important post in this thread

  • Send in the water cannons.

  • Having spent a day at Marble Arch, and being part of one of the affinity groups that work as small teams with specific functions, I have to say that although there are a few of those "types" (although I have yet to se a crystal) They are not predominant.
    It is a new mix of people who share a fear of the future and have managed to get climate change into the news like never before. It's almost never mentioned in the news until there's disruption, and better to have the disruption caused deliberately than as an out of control act of nature.
    Remember Beira?

  • It's also been very good humoured.
    From today's update:
    "This greater proximity had some unexpected effects. Around the middle of the day, the crew up on the deck(s) were told of a police complaint with regard to the music – apparently they weren’t playing enough 60s stuff. Negotiations via the XR police liaison led to the crew accepting a request for Faithless, Insomnia, on the condition that the four officers behind the collective request would then dance to the solid gold classic. The conditions were accepted."

  • At Parliament square:

    "As police appeared to be moving in on their usual targets of Oxford Circus and Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square sent what rebels they could spare to reinforce the other sites.
    By 6:30, the roadblocks were stretched thin – and it was then that a concentration of police unlike any this week arrived, marching in a seemingly unending column and circling into the square. Word was instantly sent out to the other sites, but it looked like the back-up so urgently dispatched would arrive to find a square emptied of rebels. The massive police-force began removing rebels from three of five roadblocks, arresting an estimated 50; the displaced blockers regrouped for a final stand, lying down close together – and it was then the XR Samba Band arrived.
    Rallying and reinvigorating with the rhythm of their drums, the band led the remaining rebels in a circle of the Square, growing in size as they went before slingshotting onto the bridge. For all the police’s numbers, comparatively few arrests were made; whether this was due to the newfound size, mobility and dynamic of the crowd, or due to nearly 400 prior arrests flooding police capacity, remains unclear.
    What is clear is that Parliament Square was held, against all probability. Having outmanoeuvred police, a group of 10 rebels retook the southeast corner; at 1:00am this update went out internally:
    “Now retaken all 5 roads at parliament square. The whole square belongs to us again. Hammock between the traffic lights and hot food from Hari Krishna van. It’s one o’clock in the morning and we’re feeling good!”

  • This morning - no public transport threat, no mention on mainstream BBC radio news .
    Still holding positions is incredible. Well done all.
    Media seems to be shifting too. Simply by reporting quotes from sympathetic bystanders, suggesting that readers might think the same.

  • They haven't done badly with getting front pages this morning in a busy news environment. Not the Daily Star though, which took the brave editorial decision to lead with the killer piranha in Doncaster...


  • James O'Brien on media's take on things


  • Still admiring the people holding waterloo bridge - can't it just be pedestrianised forever? Also I had some good conversations with people handing out flyers; not just the usual stuff like "bring daaan the govment" but actual focused conversation on realtively modest and actionable points. @adroit is right - there are a few of the glasonbury types which are of course more visable but a couple I spoke to were doctor/lawyer types on their day off. Loads of "normies" taking holiday time off to be there with their kids and grandkids standing up for something they believe to be very important.

  • England's rose Princess Diana (RIP) not on the front cover of the Daily Express shocker

  • i`m a big fan of the action they are taking and i work just off parliment square so have gone down a few times to support etc. I was quite upset to find out my colleague who is disabled and walks with a limp had someone call out and take the piss out of his walk. Police stepped in to stop them shouting at him. Obviously not tarring everyone with the same brush but wtf. Just goes to show there are arseholes in all sections of society, even ones who are concerned with doing good!

  • I know quite a few farmers there. It’s a difficult time of year for the not to be working so all credit to them.

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Extinction Rebellion

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