Extinction Rebellion

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  • Are you watching the rugby with them?

  • that's later. in the "sports bar" attached to the shit hotel that was last updated circa FRIENDS season 2.

    i wan't to go home!

    also: save the planet etc.

  • @Eejit - i no rit? Regardless, there are some interesting points that tie back to whether ER sticks to a very simple message and aim, or splinters out and becomes involved in a whole host of interrelated issues/causes.

    @greenhell - have had similar convos too - with people who should know better. The recent one was referencing the environmental impact of the internet and that if young people really cared about the environment they wouldn't use x, y, z, online product/service etc. It's hard even to know where to start ...

  • Kinda gutted they haven't come to Elephant and Castle so I can watch them from work, with the added bonus of winding up Jim Davidson. Ah.

  • it's the "fuck you for trying to fix a shitty situation my generation is directly responsible for" attitude that makes my teeth grind.

    boomers gonna boom.

  • I was down there last night, the Police had stopped them taking Lambeth bridge, but my reading of the many sites is it makes it so much harder for the Police to stop everything - anywhere they close/move on people just swarm over to another site to make it harder for the police to clear that?

    It's a lovely atmosphere, heard some great music, heard some interesting people speak and the general vibe of support/togetherness is strong.

  • anywhere they close/move on people just swarm over to another site

    Also, I'm very much enjoying some of the closures police put up as they were still letting cyclists through. Bliss.

  • Trafalgar Square was lovely this morning.

  • People glued to my office this morning (Department for Transport). Went for a coffee, and they'd been removed in 30 mins. The glueing thing doesn't seems to really work any more. Police just acetone it off.

    Did enjoy the chilled cycle in past Vauxhall Bridge and the mass Hokey Cokey round Lambeth Bridge roundabout last night.

    They seem a little thinner on the ground today though - perhaps it will build up again during the day. All the best to them!

  • boomers gonna boom

    Stealing this - thanks!

  • Yeah this. Cycled past Parliament and through Trafalgar getting waved through by both police and XR protestors. Absolutely shit loads of police, even though it seemed fairly empty compared to yesterday

  • Police have kettled a giant octopus on Whitehall and are marching it back to Trafalgar Square. pic.twitter.com/FX89oG8y53

    — Liam O'Hare (@Liam_O_Hare) October 9, 2019

  • Suspect is "heavily armed"

  • The crustaceans boris was referring to?

  • Are they City police?

  • Does anyone have a link to any non-preachy article about consumerism and climate change I can send to my family? I'm trying to tone down Christmas celebrations and present buying to save the planet.

  • This thread is now available as a limited edition folio pamphlet, a must for collectors, printed on premium whale skin, so you might give them that?

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  • In other news, XR responds to this thread:


  • I've been in the thick of it since Sunday, and we have some young people with us who're really concerned about the future.
    What has surprised me is how little they know.
    One bright young man was washing his porridge bowl under a running hot tap, he was soon put straight. His involvement in the action I'm a part of has been a huge learning curve for him and many others.
    The lack of education isn't his fault, it is another systematic fault. He's been well educated in many things but minimising his use of resources isn't one of them.

  • Another aspect of XR is the coming together of people, sharing knowledge and skills and making useful connections. I've been "working" with people who've travelled from all over the place to carry out a particular action.
    I now know 30 or more people I didn't know on Sunday. That is repeated and spread across thousands of people and is possibly as powerful as any of the actions themselves.
    Rather hilariously we've been playing cat and mouse with the cops, we've had proper cloak and dagger pursuits and lost them in underground stations and stuff.
    It's been mostly unsuccessful, as almost none of what we had planned has been pulled off, but that's actually brought us all closer, given us a lot of laughs and all of us are still free and still conniving cause more disruption.
    What you see is a fraction of what is going on behind the scenes. The motivation for all of it though is what other option do we have?
    Join an affinity group, get stuck in. The system will be changed this way. It is probably too late, but at least people are trying.

  • It is probably too late, but at least people are trying.


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Extinction Rebellion

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