Extinction Rebellion

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  • ooops...... just seen the graffiti at the shell building on the bbc website, maybe there was an attack or something

    the sherry is obviously working

  • They’re aiming to keep Waterloo Bridge shut for two weeks is what one of the protestors there said to me this morning. Good luck to them 👍

  • Yeh apparently they shut down four locations today but the only one they plan to hold is Waterloo Bridge, I don't think they'll hold it that long but do think the numbers will grow with each new protest as awareness grows

  • As I picked my way through scooters filtering on the wrong side of the road, buses blocking junctions and red-faced cabbies, I reflected on the potential irony of being killed cycling through gridlock-demented traffic caused by a climate change protest.

  • Part of the point is people volunteering to get arrested. Nothing in any of the literature they've produced is about being violent, it's just about being disruptive.

  • I work on the District line, we have been disrupting London for years...........

  • Over 100 arrests yesterday apparently, if that's what they wanted then it appears a successful first day

  • Out of the news cycle already

  • They're planning a Critical Mass sort ride from 14:00 this afternoon on Waterloo Bridge if anyone is about.

  • Does that mean closing the bridge doesn't actually cause carnage and we should just keep it closed now?

  • Clearly doesn't cause carnage on a holiday.

  • Awesome.

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  • Got involved with the ride earlier, the number of cabbies yelling at us was beautiful, they don't enjoy protests they're not involved in it seems

  • Amazing isn't it? I rode from the city to Waterloo Bridge with such little traffic. It was a delight.

  • It is funny the Police (or who ever is directing them) think they can arrest their way out of this.
    Believe in terms of resource waste and the propaganda wars they will lose in court (not to mention radicalising peaceful protesters) it will really come back and bite them in the ass.

  • Would have liked to ride down today but kid was sick at home.

  • Would encourage everyone who is sympathetic to the cause to get down there (and bring your friends_. There's people who've come from around the country (met a lovely couple of guys who;'d cycled up from Cornwall on Monday down at Parliament Square) and your support makes their role easier. The police are arresting people but their approach is to warn people before doing so so if you're worried about time in a cell, just heed their verbal warning - that being said, don't make it easy for them to give you a warning. Final thing I'd add is that it's amazing being down there, people are having fun but there's also a sense of solidarity and sense that this is something that's very important and I'll remember for many years to come.

  • It’s the tube demo today - anyone know where?

  • shouldn’t people be encourage to use public transport or have I missed the subtlety of the argument?

  • it seems wrong doesn't it
    public transport is the way to reduce polluting vehicles in our cities and towns

    maybe it's all about raising public awareness at the minute, get some headlines and gain momentum for the protests

  • I think it's just about making everyone notice at the moment. Too easy to ignore it if you travel below ground. It definitely feels like an uncomfortable thing though... It's not like you can just turn around or get off and walk if you're on a tube.

  • I think disrupting the tube is going to lose them a lot of sympathy. They should have just focused their resources on the existing locations.

  • I'm kind of assuming they're not diverting hundreds to the underground, but if you're relying on really quite small numbers to hold bridges and junctions, not exhausting your resources seems pretty crucial.

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Extinction Rebellion

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