Extinction Rebellion

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  • I think he is Insulate Britain but not xr.
    The protests would not be on the front page of those publications if he hadn’t said that. Extreme, and I wouldn’t go there, but he does have a point.
    The media only respond to sensational comments and outrageous stunts.

  • I don't see the public ever accepting that saving the future might necessitate some changes to their lifestyles.

    Couple of points

    1. This is what's so galling when people miscommunicate xr's message. As I understand it, fundamental to what they are calling for is governmental action because it shouldn't be down to individuals.
    2. It depends. I think when you give clear policies with simple explanations you'd be surprised. See plastic bags for eg. Whatever faux tabloid outrage or random Edge Lords referencing the carbon footprints of totes you may get, overwhelmingly people are fine with it. Likewise I bet money that if you mandated all companies to use the same coloured bottle caps tomorrow, the vast majority of the public would support it.
    3. I'm supportive of raising awareness through protest. But fundamentally blocking traffic for one day doesn't in and of itself save the future. I think that disconnected has an effect.
  • I think he is Insulate Britain but not xr

    Yes apparently this is the case having just looked it up

    Sad thing is they aren't even calling for anything unreasonable or massively disruptive to the establishment or status quo, Labour announced a policy at conference last week to achieve the majority of what they are asking for, so is hardly radical

  • This morning's Beeb article has a quote from a member of the public commenting on the protesters' actions:

    "How can they be so selfish."

    I think that was from a woman who'd been told her mum was in an ambulance on the way to hospital and she was trying to get to the hospital to see her.

  • I get that.

    And in the same situation I would have been utterly fucking incensed (and a million miles away from seeing the pedantic nuance of someone like me suggesting that "selfish" is an ironic word to be using).

    It's more that it goes some way to highlight the conflict between self-interest (and entirely reasonable self-interest at that) and the broader interest of everyone and every thing.

    It's not a good look though.

  • I wonder if the police would have let her through had there been another sort on incident on the motorway causing it to be closed?
    There's an unplanned motorway / main road closure somewhere in the UK several times every day. They are rarely in the news.

  • I wonder if the police would have let her through had there been another sort on incident on the motorway causing it to be closed?

    A crash or a toxic spill are not the same, usually you aren't allowed to continue if it's unsafe for you or the people at the scene. As with most, I'm broadly in favour of the protestors aims, but it doesn't help them resonate with the public if their leader/spokesperson is saying he's happy to let people die in ambulances (for example).

    I appreciate the protests are designed to get attention from the wider public and pressure the government but when you have a government who doesn't give a shit about the populace in general, I don't know that the aims achieve the desired result. Chances are, an increasing part of the population think IB/XR are loonies bordering on terrorists because of the press rather than increasing numbers of the population thinking they're doing good.

  • I'm not close to the legislative process, but are the latest attempts to introduce more stringent laws against/punishments for blocking roads linked with the bill to make trespass a criminal offence?

  • When I saw that I thought: that's not going to age well

  • Oh Jesus, I read the comments and now I need a shower

  • A strategic thinker in xr/ib is probably calculating how many protesters it'd take to overwhelm the prison system capacity right now.

  • Roger Hallam is the founder of XR. Just to clear that up.

  • Locking someone up for calling someone a facist.

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  • more relevant for the news thread right now!

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Extinction Rebellion

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