Extinction Rebellion

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  • Anyone on here been to any XR meetings or talks?

  • Speak to Caspar!

  • I've been to a couple and involved in an action last weekend. Like what I've seen so far and would definitely encourage people who care about climate change to get involved on Monday 15th

  • Nice one. I'm on the cusp of getting involved. I know how important it is, but just ... I don't know ... life and stuff. I just need to take the plunge.

  • I know what you mean about the difficulties about overcoming inertia...that being said, the organisation is pretty young so you do have the feeling about being involved in something close to the start, the organisation appear to be pretty thoughtful in how they're going about this and there is some opportunity for having some fun (and being on the right side of history).

  • Monday is when there's plans for a big action in London and would encourage anyone who takes more than a passing interest in climate change to come along and make voices heard. Things will kick off from around 11am but go on from there in four different corners of London.


  • Wouldn't it be better a week later, after school holidays?

  • Let me check if they can reschedule their mass action

  • Not saying they should

  • My work underling is out this week taking part and has become quite involved in the group. Wish I was able to join but y'know, bills, responsabilties and things... Will aim to go sit at some of the locations for half hour or so each day after work this week.

    They have a group of cyclists called Rebel Riders and the email address to get involved is xrcyclists@protonmail.com He's busy shouting somewhere and I only thought to ask this morning so don't really have any other info. Get involved if you're so inclined!

  • I've seen XR-positive articles in the last few days on FT and BMJ (I think, it was one of the big medical journals). I think they're doing well to promote themselves to non-traditional activists. The articles feature people who are like the reader/audience -City veterans, paediatricians, lawyers.

  • I know one bloke who won't be there

  • XR doesn't make front page of BBC. Have to look at UK news page, and then it's just a short article, skimming the issue and warning of traffic disruption. Even on Gaurdian page, people more interested in reading about man sueing parents over thrown out porn.

  • It's competing with a lot of regular road closures and construction.

  • That's serious business though, mags are a rare thing these days.

  • Currently first thing on Sky

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  • I mean, not a smart thing to do

  • Yeah with Shell’s record they might hire some Nigerian mercenaries to kill the protesters


  • Just walked down a completely joyous traffic free Oxford Street

  • Is this like Critical Mass but on a Monday and with more smashing?

  • They've sugar pasted full colour print flyers all over several bus stops near me, can't say it's a good look.

  • It's like RTS without the concrete drills!

  • i'm guessing they broke the revolving door to get the bloke who glued himself to it free and allow him to be moved out of the way, albeit with a few bit of glass still stuck to his head

    went down this afternoon, it's much more cnd at greenham common than class war, i don't think there'll be violence, but then again you get some old 65 grandma who's dyed her hair green especially for the event tanked up on sherry and you never know what might happen

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Extinction Rebellion

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