FS: Marin 2017 Nail Trail 7 - 29er Hardtail

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  • 2017 Marin Nail Trail 7 - 29er (L - 19in) Used, but in excellent condition. Less than 150 miles done on it.
    Reluctant sale, as it's a lot of fun to ride, but need space in the shed for a family bike....and I just haven't got out on it enough in the last year to warrant keeping it.

    Spec here: https://www.marinbikes.com/gb/bike-archi­ve/bikes/2017-nail-trail-7
    Except tyres, which I changed to: Maxxis Ardent MTB Tyre / Maxxis High Roller II MTB Tyre. Barely used. - Now has a pair of Schwalbe G-Ones on it, but will obvs chuck Maxxis tyres in too.

    Review here: https://www.bikeradar.com/mtb/gear/categ­ory/bikes/mountain-bikes/hardtail/produc­t/marin-nail-trail-7-29er-review-50598/

    RRP £1600. Looking for £925 £725 (or thereabouts). As ever, let me know if I'm way off. Donation back to LFGSS on sale.

    Collection only, from SE25, South Norwood.

  • size?

  • Thanks. Now amended.

  • Still not using it enough, so up for sale. Pictured with brand new Schwalbe G-Ones, but will also include Maxxis tyres, as per description. Any questions, ask away...

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  • Price drop.

  • Price drop, £875.

  • This is a really useful bike for someone. Checks the bike packing and all rounder hardtail boxes really nicely.

  • WOW, in my area too. What a dream!

  • Yeah, lovely to ride. Just not riding it enough to warrant it, sadly.

  • Price drop, £850. Come on folks, Swinley is calling....

  • Price drop. £825

  • And downward, into the depths she goes...
    £795 (with sizeable forum donation). Will also throw in a Kit Kat chunky, 2 cans of Tennents Super and a signed picture of Sue Barker smoking a pipe.

  • If it’s any consolation I would have had this if I could fit it in my flat. Which I cannot.

  • Yeah, it's a biggun. Had to get a new shed when it arrived.

  • Price drop £725

  • Geometry:

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  • This (along with the Cube from the other month) isan utter bargain, but probably in the wrong place.

  • Yeah, should probably cast the net wider...but if it doesn't sell, I get to keep it, so...

  • I really want it but it won't go in my flat. Would need to get of the F-Si first and that's not going to happen in the next 12 months.

  • Flip the bars 90degrees and it's pretty flat....but still lengthy.

  • Won't fit along with all the other bikes, and there's too much overlap with my existing hardtail which still has another year in it, I reckon.

    Would be nice to have something a bit more robust that would probably take a child seat though :)

  • Well, looks like it's not going anywhere fast, so give me a shout if you change your mind...

  • I've been lurking here from the start, watching the cobwebs gather.
    Nobody has even asked about height/suitability.
    So, how tall does my younger son have to get for this to start making sense? (now 5'10" and skinny 15yr, likely heading towards 6'1-2").

  • I'm 5'10" and it fits nicely, doesn't feel cramped. Probably go up to 6ft or thereabouts without any issue. If you're nearby, you're welcome to pop round and take a look.

  • We are up in the opposite suburbia, but Thameslink often works. Christmas tasks might delay a visit to do some tyre kicking, but we'd like to have a look. At the very least, it might shake out some other buyers. I'll get back to you later via pm about possible dates. Thanks.


FS: Marin 2017 Nail Trail 7 - 29er Hardtail

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