Show us your Audax bikes

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  • thanks! Two weeks from Paris to Torino to Nice :)

    A bit more on the bike is on their website.

  • @cgg how did you get on doing Torino-Nice with those tyres? They look skinnier than most of the suggestions I've seen on line.

    My Talbot audax in original and (more or less) current form - main difference being swapping out fork for thru-axle and SON hub.

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  • Excuse the crappy photo

  • One day I'll own a shand...

  • Wow that’s quite a trip! Goddam kids ruining my life

  • Since @amey posted my BJ earlier in the thread, here's my Niner RLT9...

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  • They were alright. I mean bigger would have been better but I couldn’t have fit much bigger tyres anyway and there was a balance to be found with one week of road riding before starting the gravel bit. Actually tubeless would have probably been more useful than bigger tyres!

  • Where does your rack bag go?

  • I've got the weirdest boner

  • I think there's a TV show you can go on to have that fixed.

  • That reassures me a bit that I'd be ok with 40c tyres.
    Not that those will fit on my current bike either, but current Torino-Nice option is unlikely to fit 47c like a lot of people on TNR facebook group suggest.

  • Before or after?

  • My Klein Navigator. Does it count?, as I haven't done an Audax on it for a year or so. Did spend all day on it today though.
    First time on a geared bike since September too.

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  • My Roberts Audax - over a decade old and still like new(ish)

    Edit - Looks a bit odd in the photo, but much more normal in the metal!

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  • My 1980 Koga Miyata Gentstouring, in flatland 100k mode.

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  • Sold now

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  • You will be fine on 40c, just choose the lowest tread possible to max on tyre volume. I used 650b 47c last year on the basis of the FB comments and they were no better than the 700c Nano 40s i used on a longer than TNR gravel tour in Scotland earlier in the year. Id prefer a slicker tyre than the nano for TNR though.

  • Were you not happy with it?

  • It was just too heavy in the end. Down to the frameset and brakes.

    I hope to cobble together something similar in the future, using a lightweight tubeset and cantilever brakes.

  • Does anyone in the UK call it randonneuring? When I was doing a fair bit of audax (before kid) people just called it audax.

    I thought randonneuring was another name for the kind of 'look at me I'm fanning my arse' bike pootling on fairly niche light touring bikes you see in the FBNPNA thread. I.e. something more common in the internet than in real life.

    Shows what I know!

  • The only people I know using "randonneuring" are the people who know the difference between audax and randonneuring. I still think of them both as the same thing, until I'm corrected by one of the randonneurs.

  • I see. Too bad, great looking bike.

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Show us your Audax bikes

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