FS: Omnium cargo, navy, medium

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  • navy, size medium, ~1.5 years old, has only ever been kept indoors.

    hope and halo and fizik components - see pics for details. also comes with anti-theft skewers, sassy bell, free ikea bag, cafe lock and key, kickstand, comprehensive adjustable webbing. there pretty much isn't a single thing this bike won't carry.

    currently in uxbridge (met line) but i can bring it to finchley road/baker street if convenient.

    absolutely lovely bike (only selling as we are moving) - the gears could probably do with a quick indexing but it's ready to ride away!


  • Gets excited. Looks at bank balance. Sighs. Stares into the distance picturing the adventures with a lurcher on board the front of this beast. Checks bank balance again. Sighs. Turns off phone.

  • Bangin’

  • dm

  • Want so bad...
    If there is a way of hacking this to carry kids then get at me.

  • @WjPrince looks like lots of people carry young kids on these

  • i've picked up my inebriated husband from the station on this bike more than once. i have also put lurchers on it (we have two) will see if i can dig up any photographic evidence....

  • also, pick up only! no postage

  • Brilliant. Did you use a box for the dogs?

  • Wanna part ex for a mint condition Brompton S2L Raw black edition with upgrades!?

  • Serious lifestyle envy :-)

    Would love the cash/space/necessity for this beaut. Glws

  • no - it was when one of the dogs was very small, mostly just to see how tiny she was!

    i can't find any pictures but this was the size comparison:

    she then grew a bit, but still doesn't mind being picked up like a cat or plonked on the rack or anything:

    and other use cases:

  • Awesome pics.

    Still so tempted, but might have to do some serious selling first to justify it.

    Glws. Someone buy this to save me

  • the phrase that springs to mind is... Do you take amex :///

  • no, but i will drop the price to £1100 SOMEONE PLS BUY DIS

  • Sell the Brompton, buy this. Seriously.

  • Oh man this is good. Tempted. Does this justify spending the ‘car fund’ we saved?!
    Curious, how would you carry a load of shopping on this? Some kind of box strapped on?

  • why do I need this?

  • absolutely - we did all our shopping on this and regularly picked up multiple 25kg bags of coal and kindling on it for over a year, and before that it was on circuit as a courier bike. you can secure a box on, but i always preferred the versatility of using an ikea bag as they're more flexible in terms of load (which is why we have an omnium and not a bullitt). you just strap it on using the inner tubes.


    and going to the launderette (more than enough space for two ikea bags):

    i'll even throw in the mudguard. we move in two weeks, someone please take this off my hands!

  • A houseboat, lurchers, cargo bike, livin' the dream..

    I would've really been irrationally tempted, were it not for 1500 miles and the channel

  • I would've really been irrationally tempted, were it not for 1500 miles and the channel

    Just bike it back. Cargo tourer.

  • it's a great party piece, if nothing else

  • Why has no-one bought this yet it has flippy paint are you mad?

    logs out

  • If I didn't already have one I'd be on it, such a good bargain

  • Recent cargo bike owner here checking in. Can recommend. Do a buy.

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FS: Omnium cargo, navy, medium

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