• So, got the frame from @MCamb with an line crack which can be fixed or left as is at risk.
    Paid only £40 for it, so I'll include it into the price as a complete build, hence why it's on sale here.

    The groupset is what Galli would have sold as a complete pista groupset and includes some of their own components plus 3TTT and Stronglight ones.

    You can have more info here: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3064­47/

    Price for everything is £500 which is roughly what I paid for groupset, saddle and BB.

    I reckon it's a fair price.

    Won't split, won't lower the price, prefer not to ship, but can if we agree on shipment costs.

  • The groupset comes from this Sannino Pista frame:


  • No idea if I’m jumping the gun here, but if you decide to split I’d love to grab the 3ttt bars/stem.

  • Yeah that's a very nice combo indeed.

    Will let people know if/when I split.

  • Sorry if this is premature but dibs f+f if you split

  • Noted :)

  • Price drop £490, could split. £40 frameset alone. Free with the rest.

  • Moving somewhere else.


Quite rare Galli Pista groupset with free LeJeune track frameset.

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