Parlee Z5 sli

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  • got three in varying states...

    Pop some pics up! I love a good fireplace resto.

  • Thought I was the only weirdo on here, spent as much time looking at the fireplace as the parlee.....

  • Ha ha, I live 2 mins up the road from Wards who have some extremely desirable content! Sorry for the derail.

  • Some tasty stuff on there... £££ though...

  • Started de-branding the bars
    Very light sand with 2500 grit to take the clear coat off, then acetone, then thumbnail, then more acetone...

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  • Progress was slow

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  • Needs another going over sometime this week then a few coats of lacquer

    (Fire place project - need to rip this out and find something like the other one)

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  • nice to see it's not just my mantlepiece that seems to always have a multi tool on it

  • Yeah, this is how it starts - my dad has a socket set and wrenches mixed into the cutlery draw...

    I’ve sourced an SM-EW90-A ... do you still have that internal battery spare?

    @tomsvoboda did you find that charger and if so, how much are you after?

  • Crank update! I called the guys at velotech services as I spotted that my cranks are marked 3D not 3D+ to check which spacers I need, I send them some photos and they pointed out that this is indeed a crank supplied direct to cervelo (BBright) and already has an 11.5mm spacer built into the DS. So why so much axle left over? Because I don’t have the pre load nut!­se2.asp?prd=113829&cat=7386000657&fo=1
    I’ve contacted the guy who sold me the cranks and he says he sent me what his mechanic returned to him so he will make inquiries with them

    Meanwhile Russel at velotech offered to post me one at a discounted rate 👍🏻

    The cranks weren’t as much of a bargain as I’d first thought but I’m one step closer to getting this together and the weather is looking good for the weekend! 😬

  • 👍🏻👍🏻 Cheers!

    The guy who sold the crank found the pre tension nut and is posting over tomorrow! I feel guilty returning the new one given how helpful they were!

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  • Ahh man, you've gone and done it now :-)

  • Ha yeah, started looking for a new project because I couldn’t fit mudguards to the enigma - ended up with this! 🤷♂️🤦♂️

  • Both pretension nuts and a spacer kit received, brake cable inners purchased - i could build this today but I got carried away and ordered an internal battery and charger from sigma that will be delivered the other side of the bank holiday...
    the only missing thing is bartape... I had the Cinelli vollee tape on the Lynskey and loved it so will be going for that

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  • Sanding, painting, lacquering done for now... could have spent more time prepping, and put a few more coats on it but I got bored and want to build it!

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  • Just need pedals and bar end plugs and it’s ready for a shakedown!

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  • Anyone got a 6mm Di2 grommet going spare?

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  • Grommet sorted, the 25mm tyres were too close to the paint job for comfort so swapped out for some 23mm I had in the shed - Michelin krylon ‘carbon’, I know, coloured tyres >>>>>

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  • New bartape, new commute...

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  • Looks super sweet. Nice job!

  • Rode from London to Brighton via Woking yesterday - 80miles of relative flat canal tow path and trails

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  • Before and after...

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  • On a lightweight racing bicycle with 23mm tyres? Wild.

  • What was the route for this? Sounds great

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Parlee Z5 sli

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