Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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  • Needs a nicer stem asap

  • I’m on the hunt for one… and a headset…

  • Done… for now... acetoned the Deda stem it came with, got a carbon band on adapter off ebay, stripped it down and cleaned everything again, can’t find any spare links for the chain at the moment, also considering adding some mudguards for a trip to France next week…

    Keeping an eye out for a 110mm 3t stem (plenty on ebay), some china carbonworks bottle cages, also got some i-link cables to add at somepoint, I'd like a carbon headset cover and will chop the steerer down... If I love it it'll get a new paint scheme and I'd like to try campagnolo 11 speed again... or work out a neater way of routing/hiding/attaching the Di2... and some skinny carbon clinchers, eventually...

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  • I'm tempted to say black chainrings

  • Yeah potentially, did you have some BOR rings for sale a while back?

  • i did but gone now.
    i have some lovely TA specilaities but they are 130 bcd. although i have a blackened red exogram gxp crankset to go with it

  • So much better with a black stem. I know it’s a beater but it’s too nice a build not to pay some heed to looks.

  • Missed all this on eBay this week… bugger

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  • Wow in the UK people really seem to put something online in an auction

    In Germany thats nearly dead (and thanks to awesome brexit often you cannot bid from Germany or it doesnt make sense cost-wise)

    Really impressive what only a stem change does! Would love this as a beater

    And although I am a sucker for decals, I really liked the covered version with only the DT decal left some posts ago

    Great bike (what was the weight again?)

  • The guy is buying a lightweight bike and making it lighter for, checks notes, turbo training.


  • yeah, bizarre, no logic in that but nice to know the process and what results could be achieved...

    This is now my only bike so, pending clocking the miles up and loving it, I'm temped to try a Rossin Strada Professional themed respray... always wanted to paint a bike but never had a puppy worth sacrificing, still undecided on colour... who do folk use to print decals/waterslide transfers these days?

  • wowww..stunning..ripper !!

  • New saddle, bars, stem… holding out for one more bargain 28c turbo cotton then will be rocking gum walls…

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  • Looks fantastic though I miss the silver stem.

  • much better with black tyres in my opinion.
    saddle + chainrings away from hhsrb

  • Dis ain‘t no beater 🧐

  • What’s wrong with my new saddle? I was channeling this Colnago Extreme Power’s Regal Evo E but on the cheap at £37 from Planet X for some reason… 🤷♂️

    @e54 yeah… it’s evolving, it’s now my only bike so… it’s got di2 electrical taped all over the NDS and the external battery in the saddle bag - lacquer and paint is in a sorry state so it’s beater up close

    @Nahguavkire yeah, it was too short though

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  • Been a while, not put as many miles on this as I should have as it got stuck in France and then at the in-laws post house move but finally have it back and commuting on it as it’s my only bike…
    Got a few bits to resolve, front mech needs some adjustment, I don’t get on with the saddle and the bar tape is shit when it’s cold and I’m wearing gloves. I’m also still thinking about swapping the di2 out for mechanical - maybe Campagnolo chorus or Sram force but want it to be as cost neutral a swap as possible… also considering selling these wheels and getting something ordinary for rolling around town on…

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  • Oh and I need to service the pedals - or switch pedal and shoes over to spd for an easier life

  • Hear you on the saddle. Tried one last year and still not sure about it.

    Your bike looks nice.

  • Just out of curiosity what are those wheels exactly? for a friend obviously…

  • DT Swiss oxic rims on bitex hubs, can’t remember what spokes are - DT Swiss comps maybe…

    @Chalfie yeah it’s an odd saddle, it is comfortable for short periods then after 20 odd miles I just can’t get comfortable… 🤷♂️ Back to the cheap crabon one for now

  • Ah thanks, maybe keep me/my imaginary mate in mind if you decide to sell.

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Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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