Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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  • Just got back from lunch with a mate who happens to be a very good mechanic, all cable stops are now clear and he took a look at the damage and thinks it's minor and to ride it... just need to glue the BB cable guide back in and I can build it up!

  • Some more images of the damage

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  • Small progress…

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  • Changed my mind - tape Di2 all over it…

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  • Done

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  • Nice! Like the lugs on the Z4.

  • cheers, me too - itching to get out on it tomorrow!
    Also contemplating switching the wheels for hope/dynamo and adding lights, mudguards and bar bag...

  • What cranks on the Z4?

  • They’re Sram red 10 speed that have been sanded and lacquered

  • Not sure about the silver stem but still very good

  • Dumping this lot here as I’ve had an itch to paint a frame cream for a while… might be fun to DIY it once it’s had the repairs done…

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  • Small update to the beater, chain is a few links too short annoyingly (transferred from another build with the group and wheels)

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  • It would save sanding everything back.

  • yeah I hear you - the condition of the lacquer is pretty poor though so needs some attention... very keen on trying a rattle can DIY paint job, either cream/BMW mini 'pepper white' or something brown/grey metallic...

    I've just sold the Z5 so will be tarting this up over the next few months... on the wishlist are:
    Cane Creek 40 headset
    Carbon band on mech adapter
    Carbon cages
    Carbon Campagnolo 11 speed mechanical group
    3T arx stem
    Giant SLR skinny carbon clinchers
    Spesh turbo cottons...

  • Giant slr on a parlee ? Lets get real. Buy @chuckylikesbikes 's enves

  • What? Where?

  • I did find that colourtech in Dartford start at £400.

  • Follow the tag, nice seller

  • Found them - lush but the giants can be had for around £200 and this has a shoestring budget - same goes for paint @Chalfie 🤷♂️

  • I understand!

  • sounds cheap for slrs, what is the catch

  • Collection only in Chichester…

    those sold but there are plenty on eBay, reviews seem good for when they came out…

  • Ta! Haven't gotten around to posting the listing yet, but they are available. Only mentioned for now in the Focus frameset post.

  • Mucking about with some decal deletes

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Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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