Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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  • Having seen one of these in the raw at the Velohouse a few years back I have been lusting after a Parlee and now that most folk seem to be going over to disc brakes there are a few for sale for reasonable money considering their RRP...

    My first posh bike was a red Lynskey and I seriously miss it but I found a Z5 painted in the same colour and fell for it in a big way...

    The frame is 'electronic only' but I'd read on previous listings of Parlee on here that frames from 2012/13 were both electronic and mechanical so first thing to do is work out if I can run my mechanical sram group on it. I know that ultimately I will be looking to get eTap but in the meantime, due to the generosity of the seller I have been gifted a Shimano 6770 front mech, I have a boxed pair of 6770 shifters and after posting a wanted thread this morning I now have a 6770 rear mech (sans jockey wheels) winging its way to me.

    Other parts I already have that I think would hang nicely on this are some older generation ee cycleworks brakes and some pink hubed R45 on Hed Belgium but I'm looking to get some carbon wheels so the clash of pink hubs/red frame isn't something I'll have to live with for long...

    I'm relatively new to plastic bikes, and shimano, and Di2 so this is going to be fun. The frame has come with a BB30 bracket and conversion cones for normal 24mm Shimano cranks - I'm not sure what I want as yet but I'm leaning towards Rotor as it will be one less part I will need to change when I am able to afford eTap...

    Thats about it for now, here is a shitty iphone pic to get the ball rolling...


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  • Just watched a load of videos about the sli - Parlee say ‘where we were able to remove metal from the bike we did and just used carbon fibre’... This will therefore be my aim where my budget allows...

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  • Yes! This should be very lovely! I also feel like red with pink hubbed wheels and some pink anodized touches could actually work out well...

  • Yeah! embrace the clashy etc...
    The pink wheels are 32h and ally rimmed so don’t feel totally appropriate for this frame... need to clean them up before offering them up...

  • I did some digging on Instagram and found the frame - painted by fat creations in jan of 2016

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  • And also some pictures of it built up by the original owner...

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  • Nice frame.
    Can't go wrong, unless you dabble with pink.

  • Challenge accepted! 😬

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  • lovely, I had this frame that I bought from the owner of Cyclefit in covent garden, didnt end up building it

  • Ha! This exact frame? Do you recall when it was in your ownership? And who you sold it to?

  • not this exact, it was smaller :) raw-carbon .. mad light.

  • Ah I see, yeah it is! I’m not a weight weenie really but I think I’m going have to weigh the frameset to know what I’m starting out with... it’s seriously floaty, even with all the paint!

  • Here is another red Parlee for inspiration... let the gum wall/black tyre battle commence!

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  • I’m putting together a 6770 Di2 group for this, so far I have shifters and a front mech. I also have another front mech and rear mech on their way. I would like to power the group from a seatpost mounted battery, and I need junction boxes and cables... I’ll also need a charger!
    Firstly does anyone have any of these parts they would sell me?
    I think I need cables from each shifter to a junction box (3 port) on stem, then one cable to second junction box mounted internally somehow (3 port again?). From this there is a cable going to the battery held in the seatpost and one to each mech... can anyone confirm if this is correct and perhaps help me work out the part numbers required for the boxes? I’ve been told cables, batteries are interchangeable between Ultegra 10 and 11 speeds - is this the same for junction boxes?

    Cheers in advance!

  • Pink and red... not soo bad...

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  • I like this a lot.

  • Paint in the sun

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  • plastic wheels fitted - R45x Easton ec90 clinchers....

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  • Small update...
    Parts so far are:
    3t Doric Ltd carbon post
    3t ergonova team carbon bars
    3t arc II 110mm stem - £12 Evans
    EE cycle works brakes
    Chris King R45 x Easton EC90 clinchers + 25mm Vittoria corsa
    Ultegra 6770 shifters
    Ultegra 6870 rear mech
    Selle Italia SLR ti saddle
    King ss cages (until I find good looking carbon ones)

    Parts still needed:
    Rotor cranks
    Ultegra 6870 front mech
    Junction box
    Di2 cables
    Internal battery
    11 speed chain
    11 speed cassette
    Brake inner and outer cables
    Brake pads for carbon rims

    I’m hoping to get this on the road in the next few weeks...

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  • Also thinking about painting stem, post and bars some awful clashy colours, metallic orange seatpost, hot pink stem and metallic brown bars... kind of like this -

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  • I'm assuming this is a photoshop but no don't do that

  • I'm assuming this is a photoshop

    That's generous

  • I vote for silver bars, stem & seatpost

  • I drew it with my thumbs on my phone... it’s 1st April but I’m half serious...

  • Silver crank arms?

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Parlee Z5 sli and beater Z4

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