What killed fixed gear?

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  • I think skinny rims with 20c tyres will be big in 2022. Something has to stop the gravvernaut.

  • I seem to remember having some 20, or possibly even 19c clinchers at one point on my old Wes Mason. Funnily enough taking a 60+yr old frame across Hampstead Heath with my fat arse, a full rucksack and those tyres resulted in a snapped seattube.

    Also, anyone remember those caramel Vredestien tyres Tour de Ville used to stock? They were peak fixeh scene.

  • Tour de Ville!


  • Oi Matt, you want your ‘hawk and bonce dyed soon? Got a good stash of nearly empty colours I can use up ;)

    Hair thread>>>

  • Like they always said at the end of the line up bit in Never Mind The Buzzcocks:
    'Ladies and Gentlemen, Jos! Still very much in the selling old bike stuff scene.'

  • I ride fixed most days but I’ve been incredibly late to the party...which sums up my life really. FFS I only started drinking coffee 6 years ago, I grew a massive beard during lockdown and I love craft IPA...and I’m 57 this year. I’m in crisis

  • hawk and bonce dyed


    Maybe one day next week?

  • I’m in crisis

    In a good way, by the sound of it!

  • Will pm you in a bit dude :)

  • Sounds like you're enjoying life to me haha!

    I also ride fixed most days and usually one ride fixed and one geared.

    I first rode fixed when I did a paper round at age 12 on my mother's old Claud Butler time trial bike.

    I didn't have a fixed gear bike again until 2001 (converted old 531 road frame) and recently bought another (track frame).

  • Just seen a kid on a fixed conversion with 23c tyres (max) and bars skinnier than his hips so I guess it’s on its way (I assume, I was a young whippersnapper longboarding up north when this place was setup so no real reference other than hearing teary eyed reminiscing at compass drinks).

  • https://youtu.be/uTGw7S8P7G8

    This is what I think of when I think of the forum of old. Some heavy hitters in that movie.
    Rip Josh making it look easy and popping wheelies all day.

  • Good man. Would be nice to see your track frame in Current Projects (if it isn't there already)

  • FFS I only started drinking coffee 6 years ago

    Nescafe 4 lyf

  • I first rode fixed when I did a paper round at age 12 on my mother's old Claud Butler time trial bike.

    Looking for kudos points ;)

  • I need to find some pics of this when I'm next at my mum's house. 531 obv and It was bright yellow, had chrome ends, red box lining, really fine lugs and the most amazing rear drop outs I've ever seen, lovely! Also it was from the time before CB were owned by Holdsworth. Unfortunately those fine lugs were it's demise, they started to crack and weep rust! My dad took it to the dump...
    Any pics I find will however be in black and white haha.

  • Gareth, Diane and Una.Stalwarts of 70’s TV. Gareth of course sadly under recognised for his contribution to rhyming slang.

  • Until we discover where all the Charge Plugs went we will never know

  • This is a fair point. Same goes for the Lemond Filmores and Giant Bowerys. Shame seeing as all the foffas seem to still be creaking around town.

    Edit: shit, are the foffa owners the last true skidders?

  • I have a stupid mohican which is occasionally pink or blue or red.

    Dye blue stripes to match the forum cap. COMMIT FULLY.

  • Chrome Bianchi Pista - couldn't walk around Victoria Park without tripping over the bloody things...

  • Battleship grey Steamrollers.

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What killed fixed gear?

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