bags (made by me)

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  • Hello,
    Coincidentally I have just made a front rack bag for someone here. I could do one for you. Pm me

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  • .

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  • (mock) Stem bag.

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  • Looking good, forgot to say received the hipbag, well impressed as is the standard with the stuff your making, fits well and nice and comfy, let me know when the stem bags are ready Dan, cheers Jim

  • Keep thinking about ordering one of those barrel shaped bar bags, they look really good. Do you think they could go a bit bigger without a rack?

  • Thanks Jim. Should be soon on stem bags.

  • Hi, could do pretty much any size. Sorry, what do you mean "without a rack?"?

  • Just do it.

    This is what took him essentially no time at all compared to other bags I had made. It fits the basket like a dream, and goes far above and beyond what I initially asked for.
    The quality of work is superb, and he knows exactly what he's doing. Stitching is great, the layering is well thought out, and overall has touches that make you 'aaah' in appreciation.
    Super stoked.

    Thanks @user71349 really happy with it. I'll be back for more. matches the mudguard flaps spot on!

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  • Your welcome! Looks great 👌

  • Proper pleased with it. The internal elastic straps are a stroke of genius. Had a lock in there without a single rattle, and the reflective strip up front really does work. Thank you. Will be back for more. The other half wants a bag now.

  • Stem bag v2,
    Put the draw string closure on wrong side doh, and won't have that sew line around the draw string either in future versions, apart from that works well.

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  • .

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  • .

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  • Like taking it from behind?

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  • Looking good Dan, like to order one in black with orange interior please, how much please

  • Nice job!

  • Nice work Dan, let me know when you have some available.

    Hip bags getting daily use now, great fit and finish.

  • Interested in a stealth black hip bag. What’s your current price?

  • Roll top Rack bag

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  • .

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  • .

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  • Nice! What dimensions and do you have an estimate on the price?

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bags (made by me)

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