bags (made by me)

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  • What are the chances of getting a small basket/rack bag made? Nothing complex, just for daily lunch/trinket hauling.

  • Could do, Not near my sewing machine for next two weeks though. Pm ya when back.

  • No rush. Give me a shout when you're about.

  • So months ago I got bags(made by me) to make a rucksack to my spec with webbing down each side, Dan at time asked if I'd do a little review on it.
    I purchased it as a gift to myself for my birthday which was two weeks ago, I've now used it for the daily commute etc so here's my thoughts
    Firstly the service from Dan was outstanding with information, picture's and updates at all stages. I only paid for the bag when it was ready to be sent which was nice.
    Received the bag and was instantly blown away with the quality, it's thick, heavy material and put together well. Not sure how these are made at this price, looks more like a £100+ bag. Pvc bottom is a nice touch when loading shopping on the pavement etc. Has tabs sewn on the velcro fasting so easy to assess with gloves. Fits all my stuff in easy (lunch, tool kit, fleece, t shirt, pants) shopping also flies in on the way home and not had to strap anything to it so far.
    Before this I used an alpkit which was basically a dry bag with straps, Dan's bag feels comfier and less sweaty with a load. Gone the five mile towpath route with no problems it sits on my back nicely, only test to do is heavy rain, I'll report back when that inevitably happens,
    So I'm really pleased with it and would recommend the services of bags(made by me) in fact do you make stem bags?

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  • Inside not including front pocket which has four compartments so stuff stays organised

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  • Can you make me a pouch for a mini rig speaker that I can attach to a bag? :)

  • Thanks @user67706akajimmythegrin , glad the bag is doing you service! At the moment doing hip bags and just got into handle bar bags. May do stem/frame bags in the not too distant future.

  • Doing a very limited run in this fabric. Just done a handlebar bag, but needs to be slightly modified.

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  • Looks neat, how big is it? Potentially interested in a bar bag.

  • Its 8" x 4.5"

  • Give me a shout if you're still keen to make a wee front basket bag.

  • I just received a custom pouch from Dan. Made to attach to the strap of my Chrome metro bag to put phone/ scanner in for courier work. It looks absolutely great, really well made! I'm excited to try it out next week.

  • Sounds about right, would definitely be interested in one

  • Cool, sending pm

  • Here are a few (bad) photos of the pouch in situ

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  • Handle bar bag v2 (aka (almost) benu rip off). Forum member request.

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  • More hip bags.

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  • These bags are beautiful. Just sayin'.

  • Yep, super cool stuff mate, I envy your skills!
    I want to get into bags (lol) in the future, and your thread is very inspiring!

  • Awesome stuff, any chance of a little pouch? very basic, just to shove a few bits in for our "baby bag" - stuff I dont want her to get hold of super easy!

    I guess 10cm x 7cm ?

  • I’m doing a little tour mid-August and am searching for a small bag for a Nitto M18 front rack that gives me enough room to stash a stove, mug, cutlery and some food.

    I found this but they don’t ship to the U.K.:­s/rackpacks/st085.html

    Would you be interested in making me something similar, and could you do it in time?

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bags (made by me)

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