bags (made by me)

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  • Very happy with my new bag, cheers!

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  • Recents - Stem bag and saddle bag. Will be making myself another large rolltop backpack soon, in inkblot camo and purple and orange and red accents. If anyones interested in one as well let me know so i can cut both out simultaneously.

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  • hiya man, any chance you have the bits to knock up some pedal straps for me again?

  • Hey, im awaiting on the webbing i get to come back in stock, so not at the moment.

  • Ah darn, no worries! Want some straps for the summer so in no rush, will probs be back in touch

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  • Potato sack

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  • Some recent roll top hip bags.

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  • These are great! Colours work really well on the big bag, love the fluoro linings. How big are the hip pouches?

  • Cheers! These hip bags are approx 26cm wide x 30cm height (unrolled).

  • I kind of want one... and still considering a cross-body bag too.

  • Do it! Those two bumbags above were made for me and my partner @grog

    So impressed with the construction, quality of materials, and attention to detail - would highly recommend :)
    Also I am 5'5 and @grog is 6'1 and the bags fit us both really well. They pack up small when empty, and can expand to take a fair bit in cargo for snacks etc.

    Thank you Dan!

  • Thanks @kati !

  • Some recent and in the making going on. Gotta use up those scraps!

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  • How do you do you binding? It's always very neat!

  • I never found a decent binder so I prep the binding before I sew it on, literally folding it in half a few inches and rub the spine along table edge to get the crease, and repeat til i get the length I need.

  • Nice, I'm impressed it works as it's always my least favourite part of a project

  • is the brown/black bag an order for someone...? i might be keen if not.
    guessing it's vaguely wald shaped?

  • Sized for a Pelago large commuter. Was a built to order for someone. But send a dm if you're up something.

  • cheers, I really don't need another bag, but that one caught my eye.

  • This just arrived. It’s even better in real life!

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bags (made by me)

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