bags (made by me)

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  • Yes, that's something that may be feasible, may have suitable material about that could work and the features can be replicated.

  • Brilliant, go for it ! PM me please with an approx cost and I look forward to getting my hands on one. Cheers

  • hello, I was wondering if you could make a very small saddle bag for me? It just needs to be one pocket to fit an old external type Di2 battery in and ideally made from that 3M reflective silver material... I'm hoping to be able to secure it with one of those nylon straps so it will need a loop to thread that through... is that possible before I work out how to use a sewing machine myself!


  • Bar bag has been getting lots of use lately. I’ve been using where I need stuff, but not loads of stuff, where I was using a frame bag previously. It also makes your bike stand up on its own, which is useful.
    Would recommend.

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  • Here's the "big bag" I mentioned I would make. Complete trash messenger rip off, the company (or Andy) that inspired me to do this kind of stuff.

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  • .

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  • Oooh how much would that be..

    I like that a lot

  • Cheers, though this ones not for sale, a labour of love thing. May make another with some variations rather than (almost straight) copy of the trash idea on price, prob sub 200

  • Hi @user71349 the tool roll is great. Also, do you do mini messenger bags? Ta

  • bag looks great.
    good choice in footwear as well, I have a pair of those. great for riding on flats.

  • Cheers and yes, those shoes are comfortable! Also for those reading this, I am planning to make another one these bags. It fits a hell of a lot of stuff, been using it consistently for last month and holding up well. Pm me if you do. Likely only max 2 for first production run.

  • Hey, can't believe I only just stumbled on this thread... Do you have any bar bags ready to go, or planning to make some soon? Thanks

  • Hey, Im currently making a few, though these are already sold. Could make you one, send me a pm. Cheers

  • Hey @user71349

    What are you using for lining?

  • "his 'n hers"

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  • .

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  • Nice ones :) any chance for pink one pls ?

  • Nope, sorry. At the moment closest is purple with pink interior.

  • thnx ,will pm you :)

  • any bar bags in stock or planned or is it made to order now?

  • 2nd big ass back pack in the works.

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  • Done.

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bags (made by me)

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