bags (made by me)

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  • This looks great! Peak me interested.

  • Hey everybody,
    Getting few requests to make bags, so will not be taking any orders for next two weeks. As its just me making them and they require time to build. Don't want to rush out the build and make crap quality stuff.

  • Cool. Well, I'm going to be away soon and back May so I don't mind getting bumped down.

  • Hold on, wasn't including you! pm'd

  • blue bag (sold) and pink and green almost complete if any interest.

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  • Hi everybody, have been making other non related bike stuff. But have now designed and made a hip bag. Made from waterproof cordura type material (will have tarp interior on future builds, pictured one has nylon). Can attach a d-lock ( hiplok pictured) and pump onto the exterior, has reflective strip and molle webbing on front. 50mm seat belt webbing with side release buckle for the strap. Measures approx 10"x 6"x 2".
    Any interest?
    (My roll top bags are on hold for the mo.)

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  • @user71349 wow that is great and I've been after something similar for a while after borrowing a pack of my mate, which was custom made in the states. D lock and pump bracket is a winner.
    If that one is available, please can I potentially dibs it pending price? Will pm you

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  • .

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  • Pending price info I would be interested in one of these but maybe +10 hight and width (and posting to Stockholm Sweden)

  • They are only being made in this size at the moment, sorry.

  • I'd still be interested, I'll just have to have some more packing disciplines!

  • That is ace.
    Whenever you start thinking framebags, I’m your man!

  • Hey, I still need to get my shit together and write a proper review, but in short I've been absolutely loving the rolltop bag.

    Hip bag looks good too. Any chance you'll be making a black version?

  • Yes, making it in black as well blue and pink, plus doing it in the same rubberised fabric as found on the rolltop.

  • Sweet, count me in then. Shoot me a PM with price and any details that might need choosing?

  • the price is £35, incl p+p. Colours; green (as pictured), black, blue, pink. Also do a rubberised black fabric version (as seen on my roll top bags), little more at £42 incl p+p. If you want black molle webbing instead of the camouflage (as pictured across the front) will be £2.00 less.

  • Custom bag for someone, larger, two tone, tarp interior.

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  • Hi
    Have you any hip bags

  • I make them to order. Pm me for options.

  • some more. experimenting. (none of these are for sale, as has been sold).

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  • .

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  • Very nice work man!

  • Strap/belt bag.

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bags (made by me)

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