All City - Flat Bar 'Gravel'

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  • That's because shops (especially in London) have overheads, and can make a killing on labour charges, the guy building your wheels is on the same hourly rate whether he's building wheels or making a brew for the team. Wheel builders on here do it for extra coin, and because they love building wheels, takes them to a zen state, either that or they're just nuts!

  • Some high quality parts.
    New un55 bb that should allow me to run chanting in outer position.
    Some ESi grips to see what all the fun is about.
    Some fancy cages.

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  • Put one grip on. Should’ve gone for the longer version as the length seems to decrease when mounted to bars...
    Will ride as is for now but slightly annoying. Will slide the levers back and see how they work.

    Edit: so I’ve put the second grip on and it seems to be nearly 10mm longer .

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  • On my aliexpress versions i had to work the grips a bit to get them back to length, bits stick to the bars and i kinda just needed to massage them back out

  • I think I’ll have a ride and see if they stretch out a little. They already seem an improvement on the sticky rubber odi I had in before.

  • I am so behind those crocs!

    My man

  • Best £15 I've ever spent, I even ride in them sometimes.

  • Literally just went on ebay and bought some cause I saw this.

  • ESI are the crocs of bike grips.

    I keep meaning to try a pair(both esi and croc), have added both to eBay basket before but yet to pull the trigger ;)

  • ESI are the crocs of bike grips.

    Hahaha I like this ! I find the cheapest crocs to be in TK Maxx.

  • Which Middleburn spider did you get, the RO1 or RO2? I keep meaning to get mine useable with road rings.

  • RO1. I enquired and got this response if it’s helpful to you :

    ‘All Middleburn spiders fit all our cranks but to get the correct chain line you should use the correct type for those cranks. RO1 spiders are for RO1 cranks and will give a certain size chain line whereas those cranks you have look like RS7 so you need the SP-SQ model spiders. Are you looking for a 110 bcd spider to run a certain chain ring on your bike?’

    RO1 works well for me.And with Sqaure taper it was just a change in BB length to adjust chain line.

  • Awesome, thanks. I'm sure I saw someone else on here had done the same but I can't for the life of me remember who it was. Their response reads as kinda helpful without actually answering the question.

    Shortening the BB has the advantage of bringing the cranks in too, reducing the difference in Q between bikes.

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All City - Flat Bar 'Gravel'

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