Looking for London crash victims

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  • Just watched this
    Awful behaviour

  • i'll add to the survey had two accidents in the last year n half one witnessed by an off duty police officer which i will get compensation for but the other more serious when i was seconds from death by a hit a run driver who accelerated over me at a junction but they couldn't be bothered to check cctv enough in the area even though i had exact times....

  • I didnt even realise you can escalate things. Half dead already anyway.

  • Cycling is a solo sport right, i dont really get what this surveys about

  • Cycling is a solo sport right, i dont really get what this surveys about

    Really not constructive or helpful.

    RoadPeace work very hard to ensure that roads are safer, and if you are involved in an incident (which I do not wish on anyone) they will be there to help champion you and lobby for changes in a way that few others will be.

    If you cannot be constructive and helpful please do remain silent.

  • Done.

  • I have to say that the statement:

    Cycling is a solo sport right, i dont really get what this surveys about

    is crass in the extreme and in so many ways.

    Cycling is not just a sport. It is also a means of transport and a recreational activity. When a sport is it hardly solo. Added to all of this, the survey goes beyond cycling and deals with all road accidents.

    Perhaps @linefly93 might care to explain the basis for his (and I must assume that he is male) ridiculous statement.

  • Done for my latest and most serious crash. Made me think about the shocking approach of the officer who dealt with the post incident stuff. Luckily the officer who dealt with my complaint was top notch.

  • Road Peace, can you if you have not already, can you print some transfers/decals to sell, so people can stick them on their bike. I love your ethos and it would be money to a good cause.

  • Road Peace, can you if you have not already, can you print some transfers/decals to sell, so people can stick them on their bike. I love your ethos and it would be money to a good cause.

  • sorry to hear. hopefully there won't have a next time, but just in case, what I had to do was ask the businesses near the accident to check their cctv myself, with the exact time it's a really easy task and they did, and the pub in the corner had it on their camera.

    I emailed the wonderful MET police all the details, name of the pub, name of the manager, their address, telephone number, number plate of the vehicle, everything I could gather, the wonderful MET still couldn't be bothered to drop by and collect the DVD the landlord was kind enough to save the footage on.

    So I kept emailing and calling the wonderful MET, then the PUB manager saw the pain I was going through and allowed me to see the cctv, I was able to identify the vehicle, added that to the police report, the MET added the owner of the vehicle to the email chain...

    cutting this short, the MET never did anything, but I got the vehicle owner to pay to fix my motorcycle. So although this was about a motorbike and not a push bike, if you have the patience to do all the work yourself and get lucky with a cool pub manager that feels your pain, you can have a positive outcome.

  • Just got back from Northwick park hospital, Harrow. Coming off Old Street roundabout around 12.15pm this afternoon heading towards Angel and went down a pot hole causing me to go over the handlebars resulting in a chin laceration needing to be glued, grazed hands and knees and bruising of the shoulder. Don't look like nothing is wrong with the bike and I'm surprised that the carbon wheel on the front didn't disintegrate. Well shaken sitting on the side of the road covered in blood and dazed. It must be on CCTV. Any advice?............Thanks

  • (This is not the best thread for this kind of thing--we have the 'Forum rider down' thread for that: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2112­59/)

    Ouch. It's good that you've already been to hospital. Heal up soon. In the meantime, make sure you take photographs of the hole, ideally with something for size comparison, and take notes of exactly what happened, when, under what conditions, and so on, as you'll forget all that stuff.

    Have your bike assessed by a bike shop so you get an idea of the damage. Report the pothole asap. To do this (and to claim compensation) you have to find out which highway authority's reponsibility it falls under. It could be either TfL, LB Hackney, or LB Islington, as the Old Street/City Road junction is on the boundary between the two boroughs and the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) runs through it.

    If where you crashed has red lines along the sides, it should be TLRN (the red lines continue for a little distance into the streets that are under borough control, so that TfL can work on junctions without consulting boroughs, but for the length of the lines it's their patch), if yellow, it should be the responsibility of one of the councils. If it was to the north and east of the junction, it should be Hackney, and to the south and west it should be Islington. Write to them with details of the incident (including pictures) and compensation you require.

    There are various more detailed guides on-line (perhaps you've already found them), but these are the basics. Be warned that it may be a protracted process. There's also the problem that the Council can claim it couldn't have fixed potholes if they've not been reported before. Good luck.

  • @Oliver Schick Sorry bout posting here I didn't realise there was a separate thread. My apologies. Perhaps @Velocio can move it? I have taken photos and yes there is red lines. There was a couple of girls who helped me off the road and picked my bike up but unfortunately I was still in shock to ask for their numbers. I'm hoping there is CCTV. I've contacted a no win no fee solicitor to get things moving so I'll wait for their reply on the details I gave them. Cheers

  • I wouldn't worry about the thread issue. I was just surprised that nobody had replied to you and suggested the other one as I think more people look at it.

    The highway authority should be TfL, then. I'm not sure that witnesses help much with pothole claims, so I doubt it's an issue that you didn't get their details.

    Hope you're not left out of pocket as a result.

    Oh, and there's also a potholes thread:


  • Thanks Oliver. Yes I was surprised no one answered. Oh well you did :)

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Looking for London crash victims

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