Looking for London crash victims

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  • RoadPeace is a charity that represents crash victims' rights and campaigns to improve their treatment. We are running a survey for people who have been injured in a crash (not just cyclists) in London after October 2015.

    The purpose of the survey is to understand victims' experience of the police in crashes of slight and serious injury, as well as fatalities. We will use the results to campaign for changes and improvements.


    Please get in touch if you have any questions - and send the link on if you know anyone!

  • @Velocio, make this a sticky? Good cause innit?

  • It was minutes after it was posted :)

    Oh... you mean on the front page... I'll move it there.

  • Cheers, good luck OP. Not in London's famous London so no good to you!

  • Done

  • victims' experience of the police in crashes of slight and serious injury

    Serious Q - what if the police were the actual ones who mowed you down? (I was a ped)
    Mine was pre-2015, is this a hard exclusion criteria?

  • I've been in so many I've kind of forgotten most of the details. I can show you the scabs from last night's...

  • Why no 2019 crashes?

  • thanks very much!

  • Hi @hippy - good spot... sorry I created the survey in 2018 and had ambitions to have it live then. Have updated to include 2019 - thanks for pointing that out. And sorry you've been in so many crashes - hope you are alright.

  • Yeah, you should see the other guy/cars...

  • Oh wow really sorry to hear that. For this survey it's 2015 and after because that was when the Victim's Code of Practice was updated - we want to understand if the police have been adhering to it.

    However would very much like to hear from you if you are interested in getting involved more generally. Email info@roadpeace.org - we always want to hear testimonies.

  • yeah no probs, thanks!

  • Is there a definition of a crash and is there a definition of injury. Mainly asking if the injury meant Doctor/A^E visit.

  • Hello. We are defining a crash to include single vehicle collisions e.g. bike and pothole. In terms of severity, we are going by the STATS19 definition, but equally recognise there's room for subjectivity.
    Slight - An injury of a minor character such as a sprain (including neck whiplash
    injury), bruise or cut which are not judged to be severe, or slight shock requiring
    roadside attention. This definition includes injuries not requiring medical treatment.
    Serious - An injury for which a person is detained in hospital as an “in-patient”, or
    any of the following injuries whether or not they are detained in hospital: fractures,
    concussion, internal injuries, crushings, burns (excluding friction burns), severe cuts,
    severe general shock requiring medical treatment and injuries causing death 30 or
    more days after the accident.

    We've included life-changing injury in there as a category which would fall under STATS19 definition of 'serious injury', as these types of injuries should be investigated by the Serious Collisions Investigation Unit (who investigate fatalities and the most serious cases) - so interesting for us to understand this as part of the survey.

    So to summarise - do not need a hospital visit to count as being slightly injured.


  • We are defining a crash to include single vehicle collisions e.g. bike and pothole.

    So getting hit by a car doesn't count? Or do you mean you don't have to be hit by a car for it to count as a crash?

  • (Obviously not speaking for RoadPeace but I know what they mean here.) No, getting hit by a car counts--'we [...] include'. Single-vehicle crashes are often ignored in stats, as many don't get reported, e.g. many people feel that if they crash without another vehicle being (directly) involved, it must be their fault. However, there are a large number of extraneous factors that can influence your likelihood of crashing 'on your own'--from the behaviour of other vehicle users even if they don't crash into you, to all sorts of environmental factors also worth considering--and those are always worth getting information about.

  • Ah ok, thanks. And that's good, definitely. I'd just sent the link to someone who has been hit by several vehicles.

  • Done, thanks!

  • While I am pleased not to qualify for your survey, I am all too aware that I could be at any time. I have happily retweeted it.

  • Edited due to my mis-identifying the user

  • ^echoed!

    A very warm welcome to the forum. Thanks for posting here.

  • Need to check the date of the last crash and will complete the survey with all the info.

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Looking for London crash victims

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