• Between deciding that I want Shimano compatible pedals and a sort out of the garage/parts bin, I've got some stuff for sale. I'm based in Bristol and/or Solihull, and while I'd prefer to sell "in person" I can get quotes for postage if necessary.

    Open to sensible offers on everything. Sensible is whatever you can persuade me it is - are things selling for way less on Ebay or here? Feel free to tell me.

    1. Time ATAC Aliums - classics. I replaced the bushings a couple of years ago, so they feel pretty smooth considering their age. Well used. £SOLD

    2. Time ATAC XS - the lighter, composite body brother to the Aliums. Old, but they come with a new bearing/bushing kit. Well used. £SOLD

    3. Time Allroad Gripper - half Alium, half platform pedal. Useful for the pub/commuter bike that occasionally gets ridden in normal shoes. Well used, but smooth enough. £15

    4. Time MX4 - I'm not sure I've ridden these, as they looked pretty pristine when I was taking them off.£25

    5. Time MX6 (old style) - only lightly used. £20

    6. Time ATAC cleats - two normal sets (used c.50% of the way through their life) and one Easy set (unused) - £10 for the lot, or can be thrown in with pedals to sweeten the deal SOLD

    7. MKS Urban Step-In A Ezy Superior - removeable ATAC compatible/flat pedals. Modest use, but the paint on the "flat side isn't the greatest". Visible wear to some of the pins. Bearings and QR mechanisms fine though. - £35

    8. Shimano SH-51 cleats (new) - £5/pr
    9. Shimano SH-56 cleats (new) - £5/pr

    10. Nitto Jitensha bars (26.0mm) - some cosmetic scratching/scuffing, but nothing deep enough to feel if you run your fingers over them with your eyes closed. - £SOLD

    11. Flite Alpes - a classic. One for re-upholstering or the pub bike - £10

    12. Light mount - I thought this was a Paul Component Gino, but I can't see "PAUL" on the side, so I guess this is another brand? Cosmetically clean - £7

    13. Control Tech Terminator bar extenders (22.2mm/MTB) - used to live in the Nitto Jitensha to give me more room for controls. Cosmetically clean - £DECIDED TO KEEP THESE

    14. Carbon 29er rim (40mm outside, c. 30mm inside) - I had a pair, caused the other one to fail when I massively overinflating a tyre, got a new pair of rims and rebuilt the wheel. Looks fine - buyer beware though, I did manage to trash the other one (albeit in the garage, not on the trail) - £SOLD

    15. Freehub spacers for singlespeed conversion - unused - £SOLD

    16. Clarkes CFR-10FA 160mm disc brake rotor - unused (purchased in error - the rear of my all road bike is a 150mm rotor) - £8

  • dibs xs and cleats - you have PM

  • Dibs Jitensha if you'll post to Glasgow! Will PM tomorrow if willing to post :)

  • That's fine, I'll check the postage to Glasgow this evening.

  • I'll take 15. Freehub spacers if you're happy to post. PMing now.

  • 2nds on nitto bars plz!

  • 3rd on nitto bars. can collect

  • Thanks Tom, PM incoming!

  • I've now updated this for the sold items.

    The stuff remaining is:

    3). Time Allroad Gripper - PROVISIONALLY DIBS'D
    4). Time MX4
    5). Time MX6 (old style)
    7). MKS Urban Step-In A Ezy Superior (removeable ATAC compatible/flat pedals)
    8). Shimano SH-51 cleats (new)
    9). Shimano SH-56 cleats (new)
    11). Flite Alpes - PROVISIONALLY DIBS'D
    12). Light mount
    16). Clarkes CFR-10FA 160mm disc brake rotor

    I'm happy to put the cleats (etc) back in the spares box, but I'm still looking to shift the MTB and folding bike pedals.

  • Bumping this because I've updated the list of what's remaining - does no one want ATACs for their MTB or Brompton?

  • A few people have pulled out (etc), so the stuff that is still available is:

    1. Time ATAC allroad grippers
    2. Time ATAC MX4s
    3. Time ATAC MX6 (old style)
    4. Time ATAC XS + replacement bushings
    5. MKS ATAC compatible Brompton/folding bike pedals
    6. (Tatty) Flite Alpes

    Plus a bunch of cleats, etc.

  • ATAC XSs now sold.

  • I would take the MX4s if you will post them for £25 total.

  • Fuck it, why not.

  • How about changing your mind again and decide to sell the controltech terminators?

  • would you be open to offers on the flite if I could save you the bother of posting?

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LOTS of ATACs, a carbon 29er rim, Nitto Jitensha, Flite Alpes, cleats, other bits and bobs

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