FS: GORE C7 jacket

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  • sold

  • Go on then ...

  • 2nd dibs via PM by @Sfinx

  • Unlikely 3rd dibs...PM sent...

  • Waiting reply from @jsabine,
    just to mention that the parcel will be sent with tracked/signed service.

  • Replied asking about size as I think I'm on the margins, but I do like 'em snug ...

  • Jacket sold to @jsabine

  • Just paid, but there is still hope for other dibsers ...

    I'm definitely at the upper margins for fit, and if it's too tight, I'll stick it back in this thread. (For a handsome profit, natch ...)

    Don't get your hopes up too high, mind, as I'm a Med in all my other Gore kit, and it sounds like @Albb is only a little slimmer than me.

  • Thanks John for your fast payment and I hope it will suit you.
    Otherwise is a good excuse for a diet :P
    i am joking!

  • Jacket suits perfect the kind man of @jsabine!
    sorry for the other bidders.

  • Aye, arrived fine this morning, so props to @Albb, a gent to do business with.

    Jacket is a good snug fit around the chest and shoulders, but shows off my aerobelly a little too much. Perhaps I'll reconsider that half stone I've been meaning to lose, and up it to a stone ...

  • eh eh
    the problem with cycling is the aero position.
    When you stand, the belly tends to be aero, when you cycle not.
    but good idea John, winter is finishing (hopefully) so stones down and get ready for PBP!!! :D

  • 1st dibs if you don't lose the extra half a stone!

  • don't put the devil on him!

    John you can do IT!


FS: GORE C7 jacket

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