On-One Inbred 26"

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  • How do they fit? Look like there’s room for a something a bit knobblier? I was wondering if my 456 would cope with 27.5

  • So these are 1.9" gravelkings. Not much room at the front:

    And this is with the wheel slammed forward at the back:

    You could maybe go with a 2.1" gravel tyre at the back? Like a Nano or something. Front is obviously dependant on fork

  • Ah cheers! Yeah I reckon that’s not going to work. Oh well!

  • Have also wondered about 650b on a 26er frame. My issue is getting a rim brake’d wheelset. Apart from the (sold out) Pacenti Brevet, you have to roll yer own, I think?

    (brake reach not an issue, I have Motolites lol)

  • How does the brake perform with the pads higher up? Is it sharper or spongier at all?

  • Now you are giving me ideas as I have disc brake bits.

  • Can't be arsed to start my own thread so usurp someone elses.

    So had a proper look at frame, the frame has been touched up with matt paint. Suspect that can be removed with a jet wash. The seat post is still in there but the seat post collar has had the allen bolt removed so I suspect that is stuck. Especially as I tried to remove it by hand and would not budge.

    The crank is an exterior bearing shimano thing that is missing the clamping allen bolt on the non drive side crank. Now suspect the frame may be dodgy. So where is the frame number so I can contact the police and see if it is reported stolen, at least I collected the frame from the persons house (i hope) and there is an ad with the bike built up.

  • Mrs upsidedown has 650b wheels on her 26" inbred. 2" XC race tyres make a good middle ground for gravel and road (old pic, cockpit is more refined now).

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  • That does look good, what colour is is and what are the forks?

  • dang, didn’t see this!

    I don’t know. Yet. First frankenbrake test will be 700c wheels in the frame and see what that’s like...

  • So where is the frame number?

  • Frame number is on the bottom bracket.

    So looks like I have bought a very tatty in bred in walsall. Train ticket is going to cost more than the bike. FFS I am a fucking idiot.

  • No, an Inbred is great! From my anecdotal evidence of owning one.

  • I have two, now three 26inch inbreds. One horizontal drop out, one verticle drop out and the allen bolt interchangeable drop out.

    They are all white tho.

  • Third bike is in wednsbury...FFS the train ticket costs more than bike. FFS.

  • Also have just bought one of these . Probably too small for me . Going to keep it as it is with a longer stem and maybe a basket if it doesn’t see much mud

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  • Maybe it's time to start a dedicated inbred thread?

  • I've had a mini revelation about mine this morning. Every year I get all hung up about owning a cross bike and not doing any cross on it, as it's built up into an amazing winter bike.
    this year, I'm going to take my inbred to a cross race, hopefully at least one. At the VERY least I'll talk about it all winter and not go to any at all.

  • Do it!

    As long as I can put my 456 in it :-)

  • I've sourced a wheelset for this for cheap from a mate, on Sun Black Eye rims. They look pretty narrow, and this mirrors what I've read on the web. Will I regret these and just want rider rims immediately? Or will they be fine. Complete mtb novice.

  • What's the point? Better rolling or whatever they used to say about 29er wheels?
    It puts you up higher, I presume?

  • Why not? Using the logic that bigger is better for road. Bb is higher, yes.

  • Nah you'll be fine. I used to ride 50mm tires in skinny rims back in the day.

  • Sweet.
    Now need stem (and maybe bars if I leave risers on the dolan), chainring, bb, chain, brakes and tyres.

    Can't wait to gingerly overbrake around some tame trails

  • I dunno. I never got into the new wheel sizes so I've never experienced the difference. It never even occurred to me to do something like that to my 26er but if I end up doing something dumb like using my Inbred in an ultra race in Morocco, doing something like that might be useful?
    I guess I need to ride some bigger wheel bikes to try and compare. If everything moves away from 26 and tyres become harder to find then it's another option too.

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On-One Inbred 26"

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