On-One Inbred 26"

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  • What’s your budget for gears? Reckon you could 10 speed clutch (or bodge shimano 10spd clutch/SRAM 9 spd shifter) for sub £50 if you’re shrewd.

  • Get clutch 10 speed somewhere. Durable, cheap and modern enough you won't struggle to find decent parts.
    Or microshift advent if you can get it somewhere, is pretty good

  • Slot with derailleur drop out mount?

  • Clutch?

  • Yep! It's upthread

  • I'm going to try a dinglespeed setup instead of derailleur

  • ^ didn't do this, as i've been trying to cut spending down significantly.

    Ended up in a bit of a huff with the bike overall and it now lives in Northumberland at my parents. Like any strained relationship, some time apart has helped a lot and I'm now excited about it once again.

    The ssmtb thread has me convinced that I need to try faster, less gnarly tyres combined with a rigid fork on this, a la:

    but also, since I'm being so pigheaded about keeping it single-speed, it needs spds for me to be able to really wrench it about uphill. I'm a scaredy-cat on a bike so anything downhill where I'd really feel the benefit of taking my feet off pedals or moving them around too much I simply won't ride, for now at least.

    I sold the carbon fork I had on the surly, which was designed for a 26" mtb.
    It's still in Manchester and hasn't surfaced on any of the guy's bikes so am currently looking into grabbing that back.

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On-One Inbred 26"

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