On-One Inbred 26"

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  • Thank you!
    First pootle out on this with my partner, even just bimbling about it was so fun. I've got no idea what I'm doing on it.

    @Kelv0 yes! Yours looks great. I can see a dropper somewhere in the future for this but it would cost so much more than anything else on the bike so far it seemed excessive.

  • @alialias yeah my dropper is sadly the most expensive component, everything else was done on the cheap though but its a little beast, clibs pretty well and decends even better, was up Phillips Park today getting horribly sweaty, they're a pain to find a decent fork for though...

  • I'm just not riding this. Total lack of confidence, not wanting to ride with others cos covid, stupid saddle and singlespeed are all combining into a bundle of 'meh' and resulting in me just riding different bikes.

  • More specifically, the combination of single-speed, stupid saddle and living in a really flat place is a bit shit

  • do you use that saddle with padded shorts or unpaddded ?

  • I've got a few saddles spare which might not fit the aesthetic but may be more comfortable. Happy to head out riding local socially distanced too if that'd help with confidence?

    It will be more fun once Degla etc re-open.

  • Padded. Tbh I didn't expect it to be much good, but I had it in the cupboard so it was worth a punt on a cheap build. Fabric scoop for £25 on merlin seeming likely to be my first time outside of smps/knockoffs in years

  • Gears won't help. It's still just too flat in Manchester :(

  • @rhb @alialias give it 5 weeks and I'll up for some relaxed, socially distant (read: unfit and lagging behind) evening laps at Clayton or Prestwich, or any cheeky trails towards Stretford...

  • @rhb what are the saddles? I'm still being maybe a bit too cautious about riding with people, but will up for it in time. @andy_k it would be great to have you along too ofc!

  • Fizik Aliente S in Black with Yellow trim, also got an Orange shop loan test version too if you'd prefer.

    Scape off my old Cube mtb, a bit charge spoon like in white & black

    also got a Bontrager Inform RL but think that's more roadie.

    Any of them FOC.

  • This'd be ace. I can unfit and lag really well at the mo!

  • Very kind of you, I'll pm you now

  • I ride a cheap single speed mtb in a flat place and love it. Try different gearing and different perch.

  • Thanks for the saddle @rhb . Finding my feet at today somewhat, took it around some trails at Clayton. Descended/bermed faster than on my surly, climbed slower. Felt more confident 2nd time around which is obviously encouraging. No idea how to handle banked turns, will do some youtubing. Incredibly powerful brakes are also almost unnerving.

  • Nice one, hope it's comfier. I like that it matches the flowers bottom right.

    No idea how to handle banked turns


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On-One Inbred 26"

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