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  • So I’m thinking of a total bike switch. As a rule of one in, one out - this will need to go if I then go ahead with next build plans.
    It’s stock as per specs, though I have put a Brooks Cambium on, the original seat will be in the sale
    I’ve added Velo Orange fenders for those damp days
    Lights, Wahoo, and bar bag are not part of the sale - pedals will also be taken off.

    I’m looking for £1600.00 as is. If I can’t reach that, then I’ll have to withdraw the sale.

    Pm If any questions. Pick up in E5

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  • These are great bikes

  • Thanks bud. Definitely a fun ride that’s for sure

  • What is this being replaced with? Lovely bike btw glws

  • Thanks @Thrasher, it’s a lovely bike. Keeping next phase under wraps for now. Once this sells I’ll reveal a bit more

  • Whats the horisontal top tube length on this one?

  • 570mm - hope that’s helpful

  • And without fenders, this is how it looks. I’ll be keeping the cages though

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  • pm

  • Also to add -FSA crankset 52/36T 110BCD
    Actually black/black
    Yours for £30.00

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  • I can also consider splitting here, if there’s a taker for Frame/Fork/Wheels - pm to discuss - have an awesome day

  • I’ve a taker for the fenders, which leaves full build or split

    Full build minus fenders £1550.00

    Talk to me if you’re looking at splitting options - Frame/Fork/headset/wheels/brake calipers are to be taken as I’ll take the group


  • I’ve a pair of totally unused Schwalbe Super Moto x 27.5. (Dark grey branding) To add here too - £20.00

  • Heads up, VO guards are now sold pending payment and collection.

    Bike remains for sale, Sunday drop £1550.00

  • VO guards now sold.

    Full build, £1550

    Possible split options considered

  • This may have to go to evilbay soon. Which saddens me somewhat.

    Any interest ?

  • Nice bike.

    Rules state if you bump your own thread you need to drop the price.

    Have a free bump on me!

  • Good point well made, I’ll honour that and drop £1500.00 as a full build.

    Not keen on eBay, but if that’s the way it goes it’ll be sad.

  • Friday bump - full Build £1450

    Frame/forks/headset/wheels/brake calipers £950

    Pm if interested

  • This likely to go to eBay tomorrow evening unless there’s folk to step in between now and then....

    I’d happily split if I’m left with the groupset. Or a full build buy of course. Pm if interested


  • Nice bike! How much were you after for the wheels? Cheers, Ben.

  • If it’s splitting it’ll look like this

    Frame/fork/ headset/ brake calipers - £750
    Wheels with tyres and rotors- £275.00

    Seat post, stem, bars - £125.00

    I’m keeping the brooks saddle though.

  • Any takers here?

    It’s to the evilbay otherwise - eek.

  • Listed on eBay.


FS: Bombtrack Audax 2018 - Medium

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