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  • After my first shift riding a cargo bike I got back on my fixed gear and immediately crashed into a wall before I'd even left the depot. It takes a while to get used to switching between the two!

  • Pretty much what I did, except it was my car I bounced off before wobbling out into the middle of the road out of control! I’d never described my track bike as twitchy until this morning!

  • Pretty sure I got over 30kg of tat on it earlier. Got a weeks shopping for the family onboard, tub of varnish and picked up a Lidl knock-off workmate from my lock up.

    Also cut the baseboard this evening, but pics tomorrow when it’s not dark.

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  • First big load. Garden waste trip to the tip. Probably a bit overloaded because it was properly sketchy on the way there! And hard work.

    But why use a perfectly good car?

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  • Haha at least you use it the way it should be used:) looks fun

  • More and more gutted I didn’t grab this myself.

  • lovely bike!

  • Satisfying day hauling today. I’ve got my Hamax seat fitted up front which is quite a lot of fun. Tight turns aren’t possible but my toddler loves it and it makes it quite easy to switch between kiddy trips and tat runs.

    So today has been quite a satisfying cargo bike day. Toddler rhymetime in the library this morning and I got spotted by a mate as we rode past him sat in traffic. Supermarket shop on the way back was fun: I’d parked next to the empty trolley park to the side of the supermarket with a couple of other bikes, but when I got back a guy had added his fleet of adult bike with tow-along for his younger lad and mini bike for his older lad IN the (still empty) trolley park. There were two other bikes also locked up there and we’d basically turned the whole corner of the car park into a family bike parking area which was most satisfying. Then, later, laundrette run while dinner is in the oven via the off licence on the way home for a bottle of white which I felt was well earned. I don’t drink much but I really fancied a glass or two.

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  • Keeping an eye on your kid is nice and all but man do you have the hamax set up really high up.

  • That’s a really interesting idea with the child seat, I wonder if that would work on my omnium.

  • It is pretty high but it does mean I can get a lot of junk underneath without hitting the seat. Balance doesn’t seem to be affected and clearance is the same whether it’s up or down - I guess I was aiming for Yepp Mini kind of position facing towards me. That said, he was a lot smaller when I started riding with him in that position, so he might want to drop down a bit now.

  • Still a bit envious, but don't tell my cargo bike or it'll get jealous...

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  • Where did you get your hench crates from?

  • I found the big blue and red one fly-tipped way back when I had tried the diy cargo, then got a few smaller ones from a scrap resource store (where I get a lot of bag-making material).

    These two in that recent photo came from the scrapyard. I missed out on two absolutely huge ones because one of the workers wanted them.

    I’ve asked the guys to keep any big crates to the side for me, but because of their turnaround, normally if I want something I need to be there to spot it before it gets crushed. I need another half dozen to adequately store all my crap, but I will try accumulate them for forumers as and when I can.

    Alternatively you can buy them online for megabucks.

  • Last weekend I picked up this old Trek trailer. Hilly 26 mile round trip in the rain and wind broke me a bit but it was free. Only bit missing was the hitch that goes on the bike, but the ball seems to be the same size as the current Thule EZ Hitch on the Chariot trailer etc. Got myself a couple so I can use it on two bikes.

    I also scored a stack of those supermarket crates like @pdlouche but I’ve got to go back and pick them up.

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  • Rebuild time. I don’t think this got used at all during 2020. It got a bit neglected sitting outside during winter 2019/2020 and I moved it into the garage because components were starting to degrade. Then at lockdown 1 I borrowed the back wheel and cranks for my mtb for dadbieking duties so it was immobile. I finally have a little window to get it going, so here it is back in the house. Strip, clean and rebuild is on the cards.

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  • That grey gravelly stuff I had it parked on before was type 1 scalpings, the stuff you put under driveways and gravel, but I hadn’t covered it up. Turns out the stuff that splashes up off it when it rains is quite caustic so I need to get that off everything underneath as a priority. Initial look suggests the powder coat on the frame has survived ok. Steel components like the stand ought to be ok after a clean and a good oily rag. I think I got away with it.

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  • Built a new back wheel back in July. The other wheel was a budget 36h mtb wheel which has done sterling duty on my mtb but made me nervous when loaded on the cargo. New one is a hench A-Rims rim with thick gauge stainless spokes and some 2.3” Kenda jump bike tyre which had the sort of tread I was looking for.

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  • Looks like I rebuilt the steering joint in October 2019. The bearings inside the joint in the middle were just running on this bolt. Not the best fit to start with and the threads were worn so it was properly wobbling about and rattling like crazy when I rode along. Replaced it with a bolt with a long smooth shoulder as the axle. Now has no play.

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  • New cranks are these, so pretty much along the same lines as before. Same 32T narrow wide chainring as before. Pretty sure I’ve got another pair of M540 pedals in the stash somewhere.

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  • These looked like they’d scrubbed up quite well considering how filthy they were. Now they’re dry though, they’re really sticky. Bums. I think they’re ready for the bin.

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  • Front tyre is noticeably crispy on the sunny side. Not worth the risk imo so I’ve got a matching Kenda blackwall on its way. As per my usual style, I managed to pick a rear where the matching 20” front wasn’t available in the UK...

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  • New tyre is here. And new pink grips.

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  • Also, it turns out there’s a spring missing in my shifter, the one with the red arrow. This is probably why the shift position is a bit vague as it controls the finger that clicks into the ratchet. No idea when it dropped out or even if it’s ever been in there. Someone on retrobike has a smashed 10-speed X0 shifter and the spring looks the same, so hopefully got another one on the way which will fit.

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Long Harry local hauler, laundrette runner, dadbike and commuter

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