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  • Did you choose a 20" tyre that is also produced in 26" so that it can be matchy matchy?

  • No, unfortunately not. Some of them we seem to have in 20” but only in America for the 26” and others vice versa, then some of the others I had my eye on a while back have been discontinued. So it’s a Halo Twin Rail 2.2 at the back and Odyssey Aaron Ross 2.1 at the front. See what it looks like in a minute, I’m just getting started...

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  • Tipple of choice tonight is last weekend’s fair trade Pinotage.

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  • I'm sure it'll look great, especially with the gum/tan wall. If the non-matchy-ness gets the better of you, you could look at the Vans x Cult tyres which are available in 20" & 26".

  • It’s not a bad match though the Odyssey tyre isn’t the best finished tyre in the world.

    I’ll check out the Vans v Cult ones - cheers for that.

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  • This is a good start. Someone posted on here recently about their old V brakes not fitting on modern bosses, but these do. I was worried about that.

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  • Almost got stuck at the bottom bracket swap. I usually use a 5p piece to drive the axle out. No 5p pieces in the house. Luckily this 1??? I think Ukrainian coin fits!

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  • Scrub that. It needs a golden denomination of ten of those and a Euro Cent. Phew.

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  • Basically cabling up now. I think the derailleur mount is missing something though. The screw that holds the derailleur back on its pivot is too far inboard and doesn’t seem to make contact with the tab on the dropout. I’ll see what happens when it’s properly connected but I think it needs something else.

    [edit: had the plastic stop turned round 180 degrees. Now sorted]

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  • 1:20am. Pretty much ready for a test ride. I quite like how you can sit on it on the stand.

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  • Yeah, then you can pedal off the stand too! (Not in the kitchen)

    Looking great!

  • Ok, to say I’m pleased with this is a massive understatement. I love it! I’ve been out and about on it today with my toddler, into town for toddler rhymetime in the library, little ride along the river and then to the supermarket. The seat is a freebie isofix car seat which I’ve ratchet strapped to the frame. Some of the fixings conveniently lined up with the frame and it strapped down nicely.

    It works as it is, but I’m thinking how to make it a bit more grab and go. I think it needs a flat base as a minimum. Rear rack would be handy. Lots of bungees would be useful. Some kind of stash box would be handy for putting helmets and lock in. Need to lose the quick releases. I have quite a lot of that extruded aluminium construction kit stuff at work and I’m thinking what I can do with that.

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  • Awesome dude!

  • First laundrette run. Just skipped a hail storm but I need this shit dried tonight!

    I could do with a box.

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  • Looks awesome. Plus points for the use of DX-Vs. Enjoy!

  • I also have my child seat (bike trailer cabin) ratchet strapped to the deck of my omnium. I feel reassured I'm not the only one.

  • 20 mile round trip commute yesterday for the lols. 10 miles home into that headwind was fricking hard work and I’m feeling a bit broken today. What a typical day for the coffee machine to be broken as well.

    I’ve bought a 1/4 sheet of 18mm ply from Wickes to make a base board from. I have some deluded idea that I might get that cut out one night this week once the littlun is asleep.

    @ricky2slicky I thought the Vs I took off were unbranded but they’re actually SRAM Avid 5’s. They are probably better than my trusty DXs!

  • Great build! Little space with the red board looks ripe for a framebag.

  • That’s actually a really good idea! Any recommendations?

  • Is @pdlouche making custom tarp bags?

    Looks great, and your enjoyment of it is really cool!

  • Yes and no. I’ve been really under the weather and guys are waiting much longer than they should for my wares - quite embarrassed! But yea I have tarp, bouncy castle, some cordura, and ripstop, among other materials so I can make a bag and line it to most sizes. With tarp bigger is better because it isn’t forgiving on folds and bends.

  • By the way I saw this bike advertised and was tempted myself but zero dollar to invest

  • Sorry to hear that @pdlouche if you're suffering dude. I was going to drop you a line anyway to see what you could make and maybe get that wheel off you at the same time. Save on packaging and post office runs. Something made in bouncy castle material would be ace, what colours have you got? Could you do something as big as a box cover in that material as well? It would be something like 850mm x 450mm plus like a 75mm return on each side with eyelets.

  • Ahhh that wheel. Will have to dig it out again. Yea some of the pieces are quite large so I could do. So long as you’re in no rush, pm me in a week or so and we’ll see where I am on stuff

  • Riding a normal bike this morning felt really, really weird after doing some miles on this!

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Long Harry local hauler, laundrette runner, dadbike and commuter

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