Long Harry local hauler, laundrette runner, dadbike and commuter

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  • Been thinking about a cargo bike for some time now, to do local chores on and for a bit of family fun in the summer. I'd lined up a couple of basic steel mountain bikes which I was going to convert with a Bullit style underslung front frame and 20" front but, realistically, I don't think I would have had time to do it. Still kept thinking about how much easier it would be to run the wet washing up to the launderette on a cargo bike. Cue my toddler needing to go into a local nursery a couple of days a week and the easiest way to get him there is by bike partway on my commute to work. I could have just done a bike seat but my tragic rad dadbike issues are currently either a GT Edge Aero in funny shape pipes, aluminium mountain bike (apparently a no-no) or track bike - none of which are ideal for bike seats.

    So this popped up on my side of London. Long Harry in aluminium, hardly used, and I drove way too far to get it and paid way over the odds. The frame itself is pretty good, but the current running gear spec is rubbish. It has no-name V brakes on microscooter size straight bars and a modern Sturmey Archer which isn't connected to anything. I'm going to switch it to 1x9 SRAM X0, rear wheel, risers and DX brakes off my mountain bike. Stick a tanwall tyre up front. Child seat can go on for family fun and local chores. I might also build a box for it. Load capacity is around 100kg which is way plenty.

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  • Guess the car was popular in my GT Edge LOLWTFBBQ thread. I brought it home in this, which ended up being about 100 miles to work, to collection and home again.

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  • no-name vee-brakes

    Seems just right for some bargain Maguras? If the hose is long enough


    You have the weirdest/raddest collection of bike projects on here!

  • Morris traveller?

  • No central speedo.

    Looks like one of those air cushion Citroen's to me.

    (Edit also no wood frame, wrong door handles, bench front seat etc)

  • I'm wondering Citroen GS estate
    does LHD account for the bench seat?

    shows the correct single arm steering wheel.

  • Citroen DS Familiale with missing folding seats? I don't recognise the dashboard though... Maybe an ID, or a commercial model?..

    shows the correct single arm steering wheel

    @mespilus not really, on the picture you can see a "lug" between the monobras and the circle of the steering wheel, which GSs did not have.

  • Citroen, yes. Estate, yes. Earlier and slightly more rubbish / poverty stricken. It’s 50+ years old...

  • Citroen Ami 6 Break,
    seems to have the same two piece side windows that slide horizontally
    rather than wound windows.

  • An Ami then? One of the few Citroën that does nothing for me

  • That came out wrong, sorry. Didn't mean to sound negative about your car.

  • You've got it. The interior looks roomier on @Jonny69's pic somehow, I didn't even consider the Ami.

  • I have no recollection of ever seeing an Ami 6/8 Break in the UK.
    After you pointed out my steering wheel error,
    I looked a bit closer and spotted the sliding windows again not on the GS.
    Checked the previous model, 'its 50 years old', and this seemed likely.

    What an adventure it must be keeping it on the road/getting it through the MOT each year?

  • Yep, it’s an Ami 6. Mine is a Break so it’s got a lot of extra space in the back compared to the non-estate Berline.

    Anyway, enough about hopeless old French cars.

  • Like the bike,love the car.
    Love hopeless old French cars.
    At 50 plus years old presumably no need for an MOT ?

  • More bike pics (carrying all the things)!

  • At 50 plus years old presumably no need for an MOT ?

    Yeah it’s MOT exempt now.

  • I just gave it a quick going over with spanners and Allen keys and took it out for the first ride. Narrow flat bars are horrible, so the Monkeylites off my mountain bike are a definite. It also needs the gears. Rear end spacing is 135mm so should be fine with everything and there’s plenty of space for my 57mm tyres. Caliper mounts also there, so discs can be a future option.

    More bike pics (carrying all the things)!

    I need to get my spare bike back to work, so one of my first journeys will be loaded up with an extra bike onboard!

  • You really are trying to make me jealous with your car collection. I was going to say it was some kind of Citroen as it had the same steering wheel as my dad's ID19 but I didn't think it was an Ami. Is that the fleet or do you have other interesting cars?

    Cargo bike looks like a great project. Shame the Rudy Project had to give up its parts though :-(

  • Tonight was going to be a late night build with LIVE UPDATES THROUGH THE NIGHT, fuelled by a bottle of Kracken rum and a determination to ride this to work tomorrow. My chainbreaker is at work, however, it’s raining between the kitchen and the shed and I’m cold. I’ve crumbled and instead I’m in bed watching WILTY on Dave (no alcohol consumed).

    Tomorrow night, it will* happen.

    @ricky2slicky there’s an Anglia as well which used to be my daily. The Shitroen was originally intended to take the pressure off using it every day during maintenance etc, but it needs a lot of attention itself. The Honda does the daily duties these days so apart from hauling big stuff, the Citroen doesn’t get used much and is up for sale.

  • Jesus, an Anglia too. What a hero! Always wanted to own a classic blue oval but started off on old French and then German shitters before moving to Japanese cars and now everything seems so expensive. The Citroen sounds exactly like the kind of thing I should convince my dad to buy, especially when he's talking about consolidating his fleet. If you want, send the details over via pm and I'll try to wind him up with it.

  • Don’t care about the bike show me the car- me and my ds20 in 1993

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  • Just re read the thread- lovey ami. Think Citroen are bringing out an electric version

  • Ok, it’s going on TONIGHT! 10pm onward, LIVE thread updates. Some pics of stuff to screw on, to wet your appetites.

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  • ^We’ve got:

    -20x2.1 tanwall tyre
    -emergency mishmash of cables which was all I could find locally. Would prefer hawt pink, but they’ll work. I can change them later.

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Long Harry local hauler, laundrette runner, dadbike and commuter

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