European Masters Tournament 13-15th September Nurnberg

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  • As an increasing stakeholder in the minority group that dare not speak its name, I'm acting as a UK go-between for the new Masters tournament in September and am looking to recruit a strong and enthusiastic representation from our shores.

    This idea has been developing sporadically around the world, in Indianapolis and talk of a Vienna event a couple of years ago, but now our German friends have made it a reality. In all (for polo) seriousness, there is a need for tournaments that enable players to remain in the game/scene regardless of diminishing skills or time available to stay abreast of current and future playing standards. With that in mind, I have already met with Alex the German tournament promoter to discuss how we can bring the 2020 edition to London and perhaps move it to a Worlds status. Feel free to make contact if you would like to help develop a UK masters tournament.

    So this is a call out for current UK-based players that wish to play in the first Euro Masters and especially to former players that need a little motivation to get back on court - please get this message out to those people!

    Entries here:

    FB here:­4309358/

    Rules for this edition:

    1. The minimum age for all active players is 35
    2. The minimum combined age for a Team is 120 years

    Currently a 16 team entry - if it goes over 16 then a lottery will take place. 8 teams already entered.
    Ryanair fly direct to Nurnberg from Stansted and Manchester.

    Free agents list - post up if you want to make/join a UK team here:


    Cheeky call outs to those you think should be playing!


    Regards. Neil

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  • not sure I can get out to Germany but in for 2020 in the UK!

  • I'm old next year too and might've picked up a mallet again by then. In for 2020.

  • You're younger than me? Lulz...

  • It's been a tough life.

  • It's been a thug life.

    FTFY... ;)

  • Hmm. Potentially interested.

  • Im in if someone wants to form a team

  • This should be on years played!

  • The minimum combined age for a Team is 120 years

    Is this really a condition for three player teams? So two 35-year-olds would require a 50-year-old to form a team?

  • We need to get tenslain back on court;)

  • they can't expect us olduns to play for 10 mins without a rest.

  • haha i knew there was my new calling! Travelling to Nurnberg would be great for a weekend of polo but not sure its top of the Fams list at the moment. Maybe when i have more disposable cash moneys.

    A great idea for a fun tourney and sure it will be awesome..although IMO lots of tourney's have criteria based access and rules these days it seems harder to be involved. Probably why pick up is the best for me i guess..

  • Whoop! Nice work Neil. Oldies but goldies ftw

  • Grey Phoenix - Beagle, Cam, Chukker (122 years)

    We just sent an email to register.

  • Balding eagles Shirley?

  • Ftfy... ;)

    Balding Beagles Shirley?

  • For a few People without FB-Account - here is a short update about the Teams already registered:

    Nürnberg Teams (age is checked!)
    The Belgian Tourniquet (Elizabeth aka Andy, Antoine, Vincent)
    The Masters of Puppets (Kevin, Christof, Gabor)
    We can dance your name (on request) (Thomas, Tom Lerom, Jirka)

    In the lottery:

    1. The Chippendales (Pedro, Fabi, Moggi) 41+45+43 GER
    2. Bambule (Nico, Dany, Elena) GER
    3. Dynamique Bizarre (Holger, Daniel, Tom ) 42+42+44 GER
    4. Richies Bitches (Richie, Franky, Aljoscha) GER
    5. Juha Mieto (Arto, Sauli, Antti) 36+41+46 FIN
    6. Tigers (Tobia, Cento, Mattia) 35+44+51 ITA
    7. Furios Friends (Olaf, Jörn, Marcel) 45+38+40 GER
    8. Barbapapa (Jasmin, Benjamin, Emmanuel) 43+36+49 FRA
    9. August allein zu Haus (Domi, Bebe,Sepp) GER
    10. TBA (Jupp, Jamie, Lo) 40+43+39 GER
    11. Paradox (Jerry, Wheeler, Ziemek) 44+40+44 POL
    12. Pokoyo (Pablo, Jfran, Thomas) 36+36+55 FRA
    13. FastForward (Massimo, Scimmia, Federico) 53+39+37 ITA
    14. Grey Phoenix (Chukker, Beagle, Cam) 46+40+36 GB

    If you have any Questions or in case you are Looking for a free Agent for your Team send me an email to:
    Cheers Andy (not Alex!!!)
    P.S. THX to Neil for keeping Things moving in the UK.

  • Thanks, Andy.

    I hope the sole GB team on the list makes it in!


  • Can't make this year but definitely in for next year.
    Seems wrong allowing 35 year old to be considered seniors though!
    Bristol will have a team or 2 for 2020.

  • There can be only 1..

  • *That's a higlander reference not amount of Bristol teams.

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European Masters Tournament 13-15th September Nurnberg

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