• After very nearly buying a Surly Troll, I’ve realised I’m 90% there already with my 1x1 (see below).

    The plan is to take it from pure MTB to fill the ‘winter commuter’ gap after selling my Salsa Casseroll but also keep it useable off road when the mood strikes. The commute is a lumpy 10 miles each way.

    I’ve just ordered a set of 2inch slicks as the first step, but struggling with mudguards. I’d like to get some nice metal (preferably hammered) guards like some Velo-Orange ones but a bit confused as to what will clear the 26x2 tyres and leave room for dropout adjustment. Any advice there would be great!

    Other plans are to maybe switch to cable actuated discs to run a drop bar setup, and to adjust the gearing to hold a bit more speed on the commute. I’ll also be chucking on a Brooks and removing the Fizik.

    Other ideas plus advice on the mudguard situation more than welcome!


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  • I love these. Plans sound promising too
    This build is pretty nice I think

  • Solid inspiration!

    I think later down the line the handlebars question will come up again; on a Love Mud Confucious at the moment, and not sure whether to stick some flat bars on it, go for shallow drops with SS levers (and cable actuated discs), or bike the bullet and get some Jones (or OnOne Geoff if I'm being cheap)...

  • struggling with mudguards. I’d like to get some nice metal (preferably hammered) guards like some Velo-Orange ones but a bit confused as to what will clear the 26x2 tyres and leave room for dropout adjustment. Any advice there would be great!

    I really wanted metal guards for my 1x1 commuter but they were going to be several times as expensive as SKS so I went for the SKS in the end.

    I'm also a bit put off metal guards since my Velo Orange hammered guard cracked. I think it was the strain of being flexed up and out of the way to get the wheel out of the track ends that did for mine but doing so is pretty much inevitable on a frame with track ends.

  • Hmmmm, good point RE the flex. Although I hope to not have to take the rear wheel out too much, winter commuting might put pay to that dream!

    I'm not so worried about the price, but if I am going to pay more I want to make sure it lasts that's for sure. Are the SKS more 'flexy' in that regard @M_V?

  • They definitely are more flexy, I think a lot of that though is down to the stays rather than the guards themselves.

    I think, especially with track ends but probably just in general, you have to view it as there being 2 options,

    1. Metal guards that will be quiet but will break at some point.
    2. Plastic guards that will rattle but will outlive you.
  • To be honest the rattle would probably end up putting me off commuting on it, which defeats the object entirely, so I think I'll probably still end up with metal and try to avoid removing the wheel as much as possible (within reason).

    What width did you run on yours? Torn between VO 50mm with a rad 'Snakeskin' finish but that might be too tight to clear the tyre, and the more sensible VO 60mm which is guaranteed to cover the tyre just fine, but doesn't have any hammering or anything. They have to clear 26x2...

  • Fair enough.

    It was a different bike I ran the VOs on so they were like 700x40 or so.

  • No worries, definitely keen to see any pictures of your 1x1 set up, for inspiration and all!

  • I've run big plastic mudguards on 26ers before and never noticed an appreciable amount of rattle once I'd tweaked them up.

    I recommed the Flinger F60 or F65 Deluxe. I think they're a bit better than sks, they have beefier stays and they come with the stays already mounted so they're a bit less faffy. Also they have nice big rubber mudflaps

  • Right, executive decision made - and as the forecast isn’t looking friendly for next week I need to get this moving!

    Chose the biggest Velo-Orange ones (60mm) as they’ll definitely cover the tyres which is more important than the cool snakeskin finish that I could get on the 50mm ones.

    Now the long wait for parts to arrive!

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  • Really appreciate the recommendation, but to be honest I’m a vain bugger, and the thing is I have a vision in my head of what the bike will look like when it’s done, and a massive part of that is big ol’ metal mudguards!

    We’ll see how long they last, or how long my patience lasts fitting them!

  • Operation 1x1 Commuter continues with more procurement today.

    Tackling the spinny gearing. Am currently running 32x17 on knobblies which is a good gear for off road but absolutely pants on road, let alone once I have slicks on!

    I’ve gone for a 38t chainring, keeping the 17t in the back as it’s a White Industries freehub. I’m running an XT M8000 crankset which has a weird bolt pattern, leaving choices limited in aftermarket parts but I’m hoping that gear will do for pretty relaxed hilly commuting - time will tell!

    EDIT 03/03/19:
    It’s now arrived! Will be fitting it later on if the chain’s long enough!

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  • What’s the hive mind consensus on tubeless for commuting?

    Toying with ghetto tubeless-ing my Mavic EX729 with the new Vittoria Revolution tyres which are on the way. Is it worth the faff and £30 for the bits for a simple commuter bike or should I just stick with tubes?

    Advice appreciated!

  • Bugger - 38t chainring doesn’t clear the chainstay with my current chain line and I’m not confident/able to space the bottom bracket. Think i’ll buy a 36, as it was really close.

    Minor setback.

  • Saw some Titec J Bars on eBay a few days back for £50, slept on it for a few days but have decided to pull the trigger. I’ve also ordered some ESI grips to match.

    Hadn’t budgeted for these but have fancied some for a while and, well, why not?!

    Hopefully they’ll be worth it - they should definitely suit the build.

  • I've now progressed to tubeless on all, whenever possible, including ghetto.
    The punctures it saves are worth it, just make sure to carry an extra tube because the failures I had were mostly catastrophic (pissing sealant all over my mudguards due to broken beer bottle). Lucky I had mudguards mind, otherwise it would've been a white stripe on my fancy jacket.

    TL;DR: yes its worth it.
    Make sure to get the 66m tesa tape roll from eBay that is not officially tubeless instead of the branded tubeless tape, it's much cheaper.

  • It's tesa 4289 in the width of your flavour what I meant in the before post

  • The postage on parts has been annoyingly slow, but I'm hoping the big stuff arrives at work tomorrow as I have the car with me to take it all home!

    So far only the ESI grips and the tyres have arrived. The grips are stashed for when the H Bars arrive but the tyres are on and I'm pretty impressed by them. A bit weighty but roll really well and give a lovely ride considering they were £8odd quid each!

  • Finally everything arrived yesterday ready for the build up. Wrestled the rear guard until 1am but got there in the end!

    Need to extend the brake hoses as they’re too tight with the J Bars now, but made up on how it’s turned out. Also, the @Skülly chopped ‘Nye’ saddle lives on on this build!

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  • Looks sick!

    Maybe NYE can stand for something new ... New year’s eve! Be sure to add tension to that saddle when dry, if it dips down any lower. So many brooks get ruined by people not using the tensioner thinking they’re preserving the saddle.

  • Good to know - cheers, i’ll adjust it tonight.

    Aneurin is a family name for me anyway so Nye kind of works in it’s original intention - win win!

  • Woah! Coinciflippindence!

  • That looks awesome. How does it ride?

  • Thanks, appreciate it!

    It rides really nicely. I’m already a big fan of the swept back bars - I can really see how people use them for ultra-distances events like the Tour Divide. Guards are an absolute must for me now on a daily bike too. Never used to like them but totally converted now!

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Surly 1x1 Stream of Consciousness [Singletrack Shredder > Winter Commuter]

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