EUROS 2019 - Zurich qualifier, 23rd June, 11 a.m. Newington Gardens SE1

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  • Hey all,

    Allocations have been made, it's 3+2 for the British Isles.

    July 16th to 21st, event link here:­3046138/?ti=cl

    Get your team together and let's make this a good one!

    Kind regards,

  • How will the UK teams be decided?

  • Highest bid? ;)

  • Lol - I'll send Adam in my place last min ;)

  • I'm definitely going as I'll be in Zurich anyway. Would ideally love to play in a Manchester team but if there aren't enough committed players then happy to just represent uk and play in a mixed city team. Shall we start a list of players that are 100% committed to going and want to play so we can properly gauge UK interest? We all love a list ;)

    1- Chan

  • 1- Chan

  • How are the UK slots going to work? Can we start discussing this, who wants to go? Who is going and with whom? Are we going to need UK qualifications. Was talking with Kropa about this last weekend, and he was also asking how is it going to work.

    @coventry_eagle being the LHPBA chair can you please start to follow this up and get in touch with everyone.


  • Have been chasing up and there's a messenger chat and we're waiting on a couple of scenes to confirm.

  • Thanks Benjamin, so are we waiting on the confirmation of how many teams are wanting to go, then decide on whether qualifiers are needed? Because I'm sure there is more than 3 teams interested in going already.

    Is it possible to keep this thread update for those who are not on FB.


  • 3 London teams
    1 Dublin
    1 Manchester Hybrid
    1 Bristol (possibly)
    1 Birmingham (possibly)
    1 Glasgow (possibly)
    1 Sheffield

  • There be a few brizzle teams that want in

  • i’m game for a play off anytime

  • whats the deal with the qualifiers? Ideally need to know when they are asap as need to plan coming back to the UK for them.

  • No Birmingham teams can make it, but we could probably host if people wanted

  • Hey all, final call for those who are interested to be involved in the discussion! Reply here or pm me if you're interested.

  • Any update on this?

  • Qualifiers will be held on Sunday, 23rd June in London at Newington.

    We will host all teams.

  • Registration for open wildcard spots starts at 7 p.m. UK time, limited spots, 12 to be exact, so be quick!­ard/

  • Sunday, 23rd June, 10 a.m. start, round Robin, current team list:

    EllaElla - Adam, Tony, Vango
    MmmmBopp - Miles, Matt, Max
    UK is OK - Beagle, Joe, Robbie
    Flowery Twats - John, Oli, Emyr
    Caramba - Greg, Max, Pablo

    Guilty Pleasures - Kropa, Jimbo, Mark

    Bristol - Zsofia, James, Graham

  • UK is OK - Beagle, Joe, Robbie

    Possible theme song? :)­7c8

  • Ha! This is gold thanks man!

  • This is now starting at 11 instead.

  • Any results from yesterday?

  • Here you go!

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EUROS 2019 - Zurich qualifier, 23rd June, 11 a.m. Newington Gardens SE1

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