Early 90s Trek 1200 into audax special

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  • Panicking about returning to the UK with no job I bought an early 90s Trek off eBay. Ambition is to use it for my first forays into the world of audax while I save for my dream bike.

    Like any eBay purchase, I’m already regretting it. Current owner has done a respray and added terrible decals that don’t match the frame date or don’t make sense.

    From what I can tell the groupset was updated to shimano sora at some point, he’s kept the brifters and groupset but swapped in some bits from the parts bin - ribble (?) wheelset, awful bar tape and fugly seat. Pics of state of bike when he purchased it below.

    All aesthetic so not a bad place to start from. Will collect it in mid-March, hopefully use Railway Touring Club ride as a test run, and slowly upgrade parts throughout the year once I have an income. Likely to be all second hand parts though.

    Thinking to:
    Go 2x10. Internet research suggests need a spacer if swapping in a 10spd cassette but otherwise straightforward.

    Will need new chain and decent brifters - 105? Suggestions welcome but has to be wallet friendly. Need to think about gear ratio - audax/light touring friendly but not too spinny.

    See if wheelset needs to be lighter. Opportunity to go full audax and get a front dynamo hub? Hmm, could be spendy but opportunity to learn how to build a wheel.

    Wider tyres - 28mm depending on rim width of existing wheels.

    Mudguards - GB, size tbc.

    Change finishing kit, Look pedals to give a nod to its 90s trek heritage and a cambium carved saddle.

    Get rid of those decals. First priority (no ££ needed!)

    Rack/suitable luggage - probably a super c bar bag and saddle bag.

    Need to do a proper shopping list once I’ve seen the bike in real life and worked out monthly spend.

  • One of the best things previous owner did was the stem change. Please say you're keeping that bartape?

  • Yep, stem change is nice. Not sure on the bar tape until I see it in the flesh.

  • no job
    save for my dream bike.

    Please teach me this method.

    OT: Really like the TREK! Good looking paint. Nice plans as well. Does the frame have eyelets for guards?

  • Im still figuring it out but essentially means living with the in laws for two weeks when we get back to the UK and sponging off my girlfriends savings for beer money. At 36 I’m winning at life.

    OT: looks like the front forks do so am assuming rear forks also. Like I say - regretting/panicking a little on these details as I only have the pics above to go by.

  • That's why the good lord gave us p clips, worry ye not.

  • And our hallowed saviour, cable ties.

  • So, shopping list below. Hoping to spend no more than £100 max per month to slowly make changes.

    Month 1:
    10speed cassette and chain
    Deore ece downtube shifters
    Tektro RL340 brake levers
    Hope to reuse the existing cables and bartape

    Month 2
    28/32mm tyres
    GB alloy mudguards

    Month 3
    Wellgo’s Look Keo copies
    New spd shoes

    Month 4
    New saddle - San Marco selle or cambium carved

    Month 5
    New bottle cages
    Bags n that (super c audax, super c bar bag)

  • Bike is coming together- have swapped out the bars for nitto randonneuers from the parts bin. Original bars did not want to come out so rubber mallet got an outing.

    Got hold of some 9 speed dura ace downtube shifters but don’t appear to have a friction mode? Will need to take a proper look but may have to return them.

    Also won some 1993 shimano brake levers on eBay that look great and work perfectly so very happy with those.

    Other than that, will be putting on a pair of cheap boardman pedals then waiting till I can afford new wheelset and groupset.

    Oh, and just stabbed myself in the hand removing that fucking bartape so off to hospital for stitches.

    Pics to follow.

  • My old Audaxified 1220

    1 Attachment

    • 41627F32-FD96-46F5-BE49-046318B7DB1E.jpeg
  • Nice! Whats the drivetrain/chain ring set up? Is it a praxis or similar as I’m debating compact vs semi compact.

  • It’s a 1x11 XT with a Microshift bar end shifter, the chainring is a TA (nothing special not narrow-wide).

  • Please do a 650b conversion with long reach brakes (you can get a ready build wheelset for not too much £££).

  • Ooh, hadn’t thought of 650b. May do a bit down the line. Have run out of cash so can’t even replace the brake cables!

    Brakes are spongy, so a perfect excuse for 650b plus long reach brakes.

  • As a rule of thumb a 650b x 38b will be about the same diameter than the 700 x 23c the bike was designed around. Check the clearance of course, but some cheap Tektros, tyres from PlanetX and you're good to go.

  • Problem is now all I’m thinking is “If I’m going 650b I might as well get a front dynamo light setup...”

  • And wear sandals.

  • Only if spd ready.

    Seriously, 650b has blown my mind this morning.

  • That 1220 is 650b if you didn’t notice...
    The cranks are 170 instead of my usual 172.5 to compensate for the conversion.

  • OK, so my hand/stab wound has healed enough to get the bike in better shape for my first audax this weekend.

    Have installed shimano brake levers and downtube shifters. New cables and outer have improved the braking but still a bit spongy so likely to invest in new brakes at some point. Probably when I get some 650b wheels.

    Happy with the Nitto Rando bars and pink tape. However, pink tape arrived with black finishing tape and black bar end plugs. Have to do for now. Have also installed temporary saddle and pedals.

    The paint job was definitely a rattle can. Paint already chipping and dimples. Guess it’s patina ready.

    Overall pretty pleased on how it’s progressing. Needs front rack, silver mudguards, bottle cages and silver bar ends.

  • Level that saddle, save yerself sliding off onto the top tube. Lovely looking bicycle.

  • Whole setup needs some fettling!

  • First Audax complete! Need to get proper, non flexy/noisy mudguards and new chain ring plus adjust the saddle but really happy with the bikes - and mine - first 50km audax.

  • Bike looks really good, quite the transformation from the original photos.

  • Agreed. Lad done good.

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Early 90s Trek 1200 into audax special

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