ThNRC 2019 - But for me, it was Tuesday

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  • Chun-Li: My father saved his village at the cost of his own life. You had him shot as you ran away. A hero at a thousand paces.
    M. Bison: I'm sorry. I don't remember any of it.
    Chun-Li: You don't remember?!
    Bison: For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.

    I can't think of a witty thread title but I'm open to suggestions.

    Let's go for another season of dark country lanes riding, pub closing times and desperate sprints to the station only to find that the last train has been cancelled!

    The clocks change on the 31st of March, putting the season opener on the 28th of March, and the following ride on the 11th of April. Did I get this right?

  • Had no idea you were a Minaj fan...­JnE

  • đź‘Ź hit me up when it comes to deluxe-discussions. I'd love to run another ride from London back to Bath again this year :)

  • Woohoo! Looking forward to it.

  • I'd be very keen on Bath for this year's deluxe!

  • I'd be very keen on Bath for this year's deluxe!

    I'll do a quick ride out from Traf sq. again, meeting folks at Farnborough. Then it's roll all the way to the baths (I get a local's discount booking en masse)

    Anyone up for locking that into the calendar on Friday 21st Jun (summer solstice)? I can start another thread or run a list here...

  • Was actually wanting to propose a ride to the stones deluxe for the solstice.

    We could of course have two deluxe rides.

  • Heathen :)

  • I'm keen for a spoons 2 spoons and an isle of wight as well. Why not a season of deluxe?

  • Keeping is classy!

    Well, I am quite selfishly interested in the Bath ride because it is genuinely the reason I moved here. I’d do the Isle of Wight again too. But for me the stones are a bit meh.

    I’m not going to push anyone for/against multi-luxe but I know it has been done before. But if you are doing either f those aforementioned rides please gimme a shout!

  • The stones have their own ride but yeah, no rules about how many duluxes there can be in a season.

  • While this is true it is also not true as I don't think it's happened for a couple of years?

    On another note I took the Condor out for a little spin and found I was able to skid and trackstand, so it's nice to know the two most essential skills for night riding are back. Still need some fitness and strength work though before I'm out for proper riding.

  • Glad to hear you're properly bouncing back!

    On an unrelated note, I've realised that I can't attend this year as I can't trackstand or skid.

  • Ha! Amazing. Just in time for the five hills season opener*...

    * for which a thread will be up shortly

  • A bit soppy but, that’s genuinely inspirational!

  • good news.
    all you need is skids no??

    i'll keep my eye on the opener might be tricky to get out.

  • I might need to ask for special dispensation so I can run gears for the first few rides I think. I hope that is acceptable. I'm not sure I want to start my return to cycling with a fixed descent down Whitedown.


    Thread for the pre-season opener is up. (Sorry it's a thread and not an event, but the details are there.)

  • Great to hear of your recovery, Dan!

  • You've just made this very confusing, and half the riders will probably turn up on Tuesdays.

    you ran away

    At 17.5mph (avg.)?

  • Was the Bath deluxe idea nuked?

    If so I’m gonna arrange with my club to do the same ride and everyone’s welcome.

  • Certainly not, we were just not sure about the date.

  • It’s just a quick drink before the ride, hardly a date.

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ThNRC 2019 - But for me, it was Tuesday

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