Self made commute wagon

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  • Yeah cmon, gimme a price

  • Front wheel, fork, guards, normal day at work stuff...

    Just need my frame now!

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  • Just tinkering.

    Cable is now trimmed and pretty much sorted

    Guard stays need trimming

    Need a longer crown bolt and probably want two rubber washers either side

    Need to mount long flaps

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  • Couldn’t help myself.

    Cables in, trying to get everything prepped so the minute the frame is here I can build with no Faff

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  • Good going.

  • Frame is painted and should arrive back with me tomorrow. Had a bit of a tinker with the USB box cabling, needs tidying up but I’m happy with where it is going

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  • subscribed

  • Did a bus wanker ride home... wife then collected me to save 2 mile stormy walk!

    She’s bike shaped.

    Just trimmed and added spacers to the steerer.

    Need to grab a p clip from
    The hardwear store tomorrow for rear guard.

    Steal mech of off road bike.

    Finish top cap to route the sine wave

    Cable and tape!

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  • wife then collected me to save 2 mile stormy walk!
    She’s bike shaped.

    It’s a cool bike and all but marrying it was a bit much

  • Where did you get it powder coated?

  • I enjoyed that.

  • The company is called the powder shack!

  • Few more bits today, pretty much all done with daughter in one arm..

    Fitting the rx800 mech to my other bike to ride to work.

    Hoping this is done ASAP

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  • So I "finished" the build last night, was up til midnight... bit late for me at the mo.

    Just need to wang on the rear light, bartaping in the dark actually went well!

  • Ride home later!

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  • 8 miles home, smooth and comfy..: saddle is obviously like a piece of concrete!

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  • Excellent, good work!

  • 16 miles today hauling a trailer for most of it!

    • I cant log into my normal account from new phone?!

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  • I love that saddle rack/bag combo thingy. What is it?

  • Carradice bagman quick release expedition, also make a slightly smaller one called the sport.

    Works perfectly with carradice bags, just get the non quick release one for normal bags

    They also do stabiliser struts got bumpy use that mount to the upper pannier rack frame mounts

  • Finally got the rear light sorted, also stuck on loads of reflective 10mm tape to the guards and seat stays prior to the winter rides!

    Getting some numb left hand rides after 10 miles, thinking time to find some cowbell bars and different tape, lower pressures don’t seem to have helped too much yet

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Self made commute wagon

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