Self made commute wagon

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  • So.. the time has come!

    A few years back I built a frame and the bicycle academy, rode it for a bit, then life happened!

    Now I plan to build it up into a roadish spec, guards, Dynamo etc.

    Need to finish some filing at the drop outs, then off for paint.

    Going to be a budget build, because life, 9 speed with some trp spyres.

    Photo is from a while back, will update once we have moved!

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  • Subbed. What's tyre clearance like?

  • Designed for 32 mil, I didn’t really think of mudguards at the time so there is no chain stay bridge, so I might just run one up until the seats day meaning I could stick a 32 in there

  • Cool! This needs a cool paintjob:)

  • Got ourselves a fork, headset and seatpost I found in the spares. Can’t currently find a seatclamp but I’m sure there is one somewhere!

    Think I’ll probably end up with something cheap like 9spd sora and rep as this will be a crap weather rider!

    Anyone got a 100mm stem? Black, no graphics ideally before I go for the £13 one on Planet X.

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  • It was you who bought that fork!
    I’ve got a 0 degree Thomson in 100mm?

  • Aha yes, I thought about it for too long, QR would be nice tbh but I’m not picky!


  • I thought about it for too long

    Me too and then it was gone!
    Not really, how much do you wanna pay?

  • Less than £13... Thomson on the main bike, and id then want the matching post etc so honestly maybe I would rather cheaper..?

  • Fair enough. I'm not really a thomson fan. Wouldn't want 40 quid for it but probably not £13 either :)

  • Don't know how I've missed this.

    Welcome - belatedly - to the club.

  • Got a black 100mm, 6° or 7° (can't remember which) Pro LT stem. £5 +postage?

  • Thanks but even being a cheapskate I’m being picky, I think the aesthetic of the £12 one on Planet X is worth the few quid difference.. picky right?

  • Subbed. Are you adding a seatstay bridge?

  • Seat stay bridge exists, but not eyeletted. No chainstay bridge currently! Not entirely sure what I’m going I do mudguard wise tbh

  • Ah, ok. Put one in there and a few eyelets here and there, easy since you know how? Saves regrets later.

  • All I’d need is the two bridges sorting really, these days I have got time / the set up to do it. - this was built a few years ago!

  • Bar/stem on their way.

    Hopefully secure an R3000 group shortly.

    Wheels hopefully also sorted, will then rebuild the front with a PD-8X hub for lighting!

    Need to find some tyres, bar tape, saddle, guards, pedals, front bag mount, rear light - probably mounted on a pannier tbh and a few other little bits ... fork axle!

  • Planet X bargain bar/stem. Smart enough for me too

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  • £10 refund because of a mark or two, don’t ask don’t get!

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  • 5800 shifters, chainset and FD on the way.
    Wheels also coming!

    Will need to rebuild front wheel with said Dynamo though.

    Anyone got 5800 GS or R7000 GS rear mech?

    Also need a set of 32mm tyres, well, 32mm rear 35mm front ..

  • Picked up some cages from work, £1.99 each!

    Taking shape. Next week it should nearly look like a bike. Now to decide whether to colour match the fork and stem or just go black...

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  • How about just glossy varnish? The raw steel matches the forks very well!

  • I thought about it, but I’d like a full powdercoat, had many a lacquered bike!

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Self made commute wagon

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