Budget mtb bodge

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  • What BCD do you need for the chainring? I have a spare Superstar one knocking around in my parts box.

  • I’ve got a nice Raceface Respond black low rise handlebar.
    Was £33 new, never been unwrapped! Would pass it on for £23.

  • Also, get some hydro brakes. You don’t know what you’re missing! Second hand Deore 615 proved excellent and very cheap for me.

  • Thanks pal, I think 104

  • I’ve used them lots, I just don’t like them and I can’t explain why! Maybe I’ve never used good ones

  • Huh.. somehow I deleted the original post by editing a photo in. The gist of it was I want a cheap mtb for local trails in Marple and peaks to replace quick hour runs as currently injured.
    Fuji frame-£ free
    Singular forks-£70 eBay
    Boost roval wheels- £100 ebay with tyres set tubeless
    Bars, stem, seat, brake levers- parts box
    Brakes-£30 off here, new off a surly
    Shifter, mech, cassette, chain- £30 or here
    Cranks- crc - hard to find used boost cheaper than £70
    Post- £4 off crc
    Top cap-£1 from lbs parts

    Still need 104 bcd 1x ring, ss ring bolts and cables.

    In future will consider trying sus forks, dropper post and hydro brakes, though I’ve tried forks and hydro before and struggled to get used to them.

  • Yes- that’s what I was planning to buy but 2 teeth bigger. You want to message a cost?

  • Good day for cheap buying yesterday
    £1 top cap once I found the damn thing hiding in the car- saved me £4
    £20 ring plus £5 donation- saves me £10 approx
    £8 rotors- saved me £20 approx

    Just pedals to sort now and we’re ready to roll I think

  • Thanks to @Aroogah for sorting me a chainring. Can’t believe I didn’t have it built for this weather but I had the kids all day anyway so wouldn’t have ridden.
    Bit of headset trouble so far but I will look later when I don’t have a toddler stealing my Allen keys!

  • Agh this is on hold for another month, cash being eaten by cross bike commuter. Started a quick ‘I’ll give this a good clean before my new job commute starts’ but ended up with new chain, cassette, brake pads, full cables, jockey wheels and a serious decrease of everything! 6 months of off road muddy commuting has hammered the groupset

  • Off it goes to be built!
    Chainring was wrong size and fitting- apparently asymmetric ie bolts not evenly spaced is a thing now! New one ordered
    Still needs a dropper really and I’m open minded about trying hydraulics in future

  • Cat approves.
    Currently a balance bike due to no pedals

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  • I reckon this cost me £300 in the end + labour as I ran out of time to do it myself. Around £100 of the cost I made back in my head by selling old bits from previous mtb.
    I think that’s ok price for boost wheels, new tyres, new brakes and xtr shifter. All the new ish bits are off £900+ price bikes and have little use. Hopefully I’ve ended up with a better bike than if i bought a £300 bike.

  • Rode it yesterday, but muddy in our woods but it monsters over everything, those plus size tyres are crazy! I think they’re perfect for me- I lack mtb skills and want to be able to chug along on rides out in the peaks and local area- these tyres should let me do it. They’re slow but I’m relatively fit.
    Needs a dropper and proper pedals

  • Are you a professional photographer??

  • Haha close but no

  • I lack mtb skills and want to be able to chug along on rides out in the peaks and local area

    Relatable. Any plans for suspension?

  • Not at the moment just for cost and maintenance reasons. I never had sus before on my mtb and managed ok.
    Most of the rides I do will be mix of backroads, gravel roads, then little bits of tech mtb so I wouldn’t need sus for probably 80% and it’d only make me go too fast and kill myself.
    Also I won’t ride for more than two hours so fatigue is less of an issue.

  • Top ride today, really enjoyed being out on a mtb for first time in years. Slightly over geared though, may need bigger cassette at some point- I made it to the top of Mellor Cross but man it was a grind.
    Mech discs were ok, didn’t miss a dropper post but might still look out for one- I descended the easier side of the hill.
    Grips suck. Need changing

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  • This muddy cycling is growing on me. 2 hrs today of all the climbs round Mellor cross. I’m not sure I need a dropper right now but I could use lower gears! Might look for a front shifter and put the double rings back on.
    Today I rode spd shoes and pedals, can’t decide if I prefer that over flats and trainers.

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Budget mtb bodge

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