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  • What is the forum view/experience of the current crop of child seats? I'd like it to be on the rear and am leaning towards a rack mount one as they seem more secure and I like the idea of not clamping something on to the seat tube. Needs to be the kind of thing I can switch between a couple of bikes for me and the girlfriend (and maybe tandem), earliest use the better but don't mind getting another for later years.

    Perhaps the Topeak one fits the bill?

    (also, I wouldn't use the Bobike one, I saw one that had failed).

    And yes, I have already started building a new bike to take said child seat.

  • I've used a few Hamax Sleepy seats to the seat tube. Easy to remove, set it 120mm from tyre to underside of the seat and match the target crosshairs vertically to the back axle.

  • ^^ We got that Thule for mini c00ps, back when it was branded Yepp Maxi and available in lairy colours (I think I got it from someone on here too). Seatpost mount or rack mount is great. Picked up another seatpost mount on the 'bay for a song for Mrs c00ps' bike. Swaps out nice and easy.

    Otherwise, we got a Weeride for micro c00ps when she appeared (she now goes in the Yepp). We will keep it for nano c00ps too, as it went down very well, once I got over banging my knees on the bottom of the seat.

  • We've got a thule too - but one of the seat tube mounted ones. Really well made. Chose that one because I saw lots of them on bikes in Germany where a lot more parents seem to transport young kids by bike.

  • Good stuff, many thanks. The Thule is appealing cos trade discount, but will try and see some of them in the flesh if possible.

    What I'd really like is a Cannondale Bugger, but I doubt that'll happen...

  • Yep Thule one here too. Got it in Orange for extra safety plus it's a breeze to take on and off as long as you don't mind the small box on your seat tube

  • Follow-up question: Any of you folks use one of those trailers in London? Mrs Saetan seems to think it would be incredibly dangerous in traffic cos it sits quite low but I'd like to get the bean out and about ASAP.

  • I'm just building a dad bike and wondering about child seats for a 10 month old. I'm leaning toward an in front seat until she's a bit older as I feel it will be better to have her in front of me.

    Any recommendations for front seats which are safe but can be taken off/put on reletively quickly?

  • Once you get the crossbar thing fitted between the stem and seatpost, the WeeRide front seats are quick to remove (single big bolt through the middle).

  • Thule Yepp mini are really easy to use. It fits onto an adapter that stays on the frame, seat slides onto that. Seat can be locked to the adapter if needed.

  • Like the weeride but don;t fancy having that massive bar on my bike the whole time. Yepp mini looks like a winner here - suspect I will need an adaptor for ahead stem though

  • I have had two topeaks and racks on practically all our bikes. They are great seats. My friend who owns a shop but doesn’t stock Topeak paid full rrp for one too!

  • I used Thule Mini and now on the Maxi (frame mounted). To me, they feel safest. No jiggling about.

  • I had a Weeride which was fine for relatively short journeys. It was a bit knees out though!

    I also had a Copilot Limo for the back which slid onto a Blackburn rack which was good. My daughter survived me misjudging a kerb with my foot and taking a tumble with no harm at all. I'd recommend the seat, not the tumble!

    My copilot is no longer needed due to little people growing so quickly if anyone wants it

  • I used a Yepp Mini for my son, but he’s at the weight and height limit now (probably over tbh). It worked great with a long top tube rigid 90’s MTB (I used an old Rockhopper) and wide swept back bars. Low stand over is a plus with these bikes too.

    I’m very keen to try out either the Dolittle or Shotgun bike seat. My son is old enough and has the balance to be able to sit these there and hold on. I love the idea of having him in front of me still.

  • Upvote for a normal rear seat mounted on the steerer tube of a cargo bike in front of you facing backwards. Mine is 19 months old and I’ve been carrying him that way since about 10 months old.

    The Hamax Siesta tilts, so it can accommodate being mounted on a a vertical tube.

  • Unless you don’t have a cargo bike!

  • I think I’ve got a spare one of these if you need it.

  • Recently installed a Bulldog seat on the toptube of my retro mtb dadbike for the occasional chance I need to pick up my daughter from nursery when my girlfriend needs the Bullit for something else.

    Specifically chose Bulldog over the Yepp because mounting on an ahead setup seems daunting.
    Would not choose the Bulldog for fulltime everyday child transport though. At least not for children under 18 months or until they are capable to sit upright and use their hands to steady their self properly.

  • Here's a good comparison of front mounted bike seats on mtb's­-shootout/

  • Is the Yepp still the gold standard? Looks good on paper­eats/front-mounted-child-bike-seats/thul­e-yepp-nexxt-mini-_-12080115

    Would plan to be used on a SS MTB (next project)

  • I think I've narrowed my choices down to the Yepp Nexxt mini or the Ridealong mini, can anyone shed any light on what are relative pros and cons of each?
    I'll probably get a windshield for it too. Going on a 26er Inbred.

  • When I looked at them both I just thought they were very similar but the Nexxt looked more comfortable. So I went with that one.

    Soon after got a rear seat. It's not very practically having all that weight over the handlebars.

  • Hi all, didn’t want to confuse this post, but if any of you have thoughts on helmets for a 15 month old, it would be great to hear them here:­04/

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Child seats

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