Musk is a cunt and Tesla are shit

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  • I wonder if it'll sell well? I can see what they're trying to do but maybe the design is just a bit too much for most people?

    Edit: maybe literally too much. Just saw a photo of it next to am F150 and it is huuuuiuge!

  • Not an expert, but in my estimation there is an exactly 0% chance this will go on sale with that exact 'design'.

    Btw, on that topic - remember the person who did 3D renderings of drawings people had made of bikes? These ones? Well, the 'cybertruck' looks like someone took a drawing a 5-year-old made of a Lamborghini, and built it with aluminium sheets.

  • I was always under the impression that market share etc. was not the point of Tesla. That Musk was using the cars that tesla produces as proof of concept that "his" technology worked and could be rolled out to the mass market.

    As far as I'm aware the business plan was always to licence the Tesla technology to the large mass market car producers once they came onboard and wanted to start selling fully electric vehicles. This has certainly been the line that Musk has taken with investors when the thorny question "when is Tesla going to start turning an actual profit?" come up.

  • Tesla could make a fortune if a bunch of companies licensed their tech.
    Tesla might manufacture components or product for rebranding, like Magna does for the Germans.
    Imagine Chevrolets with Tesla drivetrains for example.

  • I dont understand this.

  • Well, most of the Tesla drivetrain isn't made by Tesla and is already available to other manufacturers. But you're right, there is a lot of potential in that model.

  • May have joined build queue...

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  • Will they though? Wouldn't the big manufacturers develop their own stuff?

  • I toured a pickup truck factory and it was amazing how much was outsourced.

    Entire dashboards with wiring harnesses hanging off them for example.
    Aluminum rims arriving from supplier with tires mounted and balanced.
    Grills with headlights and turn signals installed and ready to wire.

  • Not to mention most car companies licence a lot of technology in their drivetrains already. For example common rail diesel injection systems are proprietary technology owned by Bosch that most companies who make diesel cars pay to licence.

  • Oh gosh no, I meant the car - it’s daft as fuck. I kind of want one now.

  • I can't remember exactly when, but probably 5 or 6 years ago,
    it was common knowledge that VW had summoned suppliers of
    components that formed the functional front of their passenger cars,
    light clusters, coolant radiators, AC radiators and told them
    to sort themselves out.
    VW wanted suppliers to assemble all the various components into
    modules easily bolted onto the front of VW's standard chassis systems.
    I don't know who 'won' but VW seem to have a better European market share
    and have helped to chase GM out of Europe.


    Truth be told, anyone who attended the Cybertruck unveiling should have seen the design coming from the moment they arrived because the company leaned so hard into the Blade Runner vibe for the event. Musk told Tesla fans and customers to dress in cyberpunk attire, and they did, with many sporting trench coats, colorful LED glasses, homemade outfits, and light-up sneakers. Tesla set up props from the movie (on loan from the Petersen Automotive Museum) in the parking lot. The company even constructed a noodle bar for anyone who got hungry.

    Oh my god, he genuinely thinks this is all super cool and edgy. Can somebody PLEASE give this fucking loser a swirlie already. He's reddit personified

  • I don't understand why they keep bringing up Bladerunner. When you think of Bladerunner
    and car you think of this one, right?

  • to dispose of the batteries at the end of their useful life is?

    Which useful life?

    As a car battery, having only 75% of the original capacity would suck if that regularly put you at risk of being involuntarily parked.

    That same battery is still useful for applications which don't need the energy density to be as high, like taking energy from a domestic solar panel installation while you're at work and not using much electricity at home, storing it, and then drawing your needs from a battery when you get home and everyone on your street is cooking, boiling kettles and powering massive TVs. Or charging EVs.

    When the battery's been through its less demanding "pension age" duties, it can be recycled.

  • I reckon you could rag an electric car through a flooded road much easier than a petrol one without flooding the engine.

  • A nerd writes: Actually I think you'll find that is a spinner, and these are cars:

    (I went to the aforementioned Petersen exhibition recently)

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  • How much was the Cybertruck deposit?

  • You know how Hitler's size obsession led the creation of increasingly impractical tanks till they ended up with the Maus? Cybertruck looks like the same process applied to the Volkswagen.

  • 50,000 New Yen. A key card to a locker of pre-war Russian stimpaks, before they outlawed cerebral overclocking. And a vacuum flask full of pituitary glands with identical serial numbers.

  • I haven't seen what Tesla do with end of life batteries yet have seen Zoe and Leaf batteries getting reused for industrial applications, they get bundled up into air-conditioned shipping containers in racks and used for either storing renewable generation, standby-power or charging when cheap and discharging when expensive (industrial users have tariffs that penalise power usage at peak times). The batteries are end of life for car due to shortened life but still have a lot of life in them for other uses. In the EU and China currently, the car manufacturer is obliged to recycling them at end of life, so they are working hard to find other applications. People will make it sound straightforward to recycle them when they are truly knacker and it isn't. its possible but it is neither cheap or easy and no where in the UK can do it that I am aware of so we send them to Europe for the time being...

    As you are asking from a fire brigade point of view, I am not sure if this is true or not but when I have spoken to suppliers, I told that if the containers catch fire the fire brigade will come but once told it is a lithium battery will stand back and leave it to burn which wasn't overly reassuing.

  • So when they become more mainstream, they should have a solution to disposal? I understand they have a certain amount of ‘recyclability’, but I still have my doubts long term.... as to the container thing, I have no knowledge of that plannof attack! That’s the trouble though..... it’s a secretive industry, that lots of money is being ploughed into, so nobody wants to share info......

  • Hmmm, lots of onfire batteries seems bad. I have a pal over here who is a firefighter, and there was recently a fire at a Tesla warehouse. I'll ask him. I don't think cars burnt, but they presumably have a plan

  • if it makes anyone feel better those two smashed windows cost him $700mn yesterday

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Musk is a cunt and Tesla are shit

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