John Nettles’ nostalgia Bergerac build (kona)

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  • Being a big fan of Jim Bergerac I often long for simpler times when he was on tv - 1981- 1991 my formative years - i was 11 in 1981.
    I couldn’t afford a vintage triumph roadster being more of a Citroen lover but wanted a mode of fun (not fast) transport that’d remind me of the late 80s /early 90s.
    Here’s Jim with his motor and the bike I’m using for this project....
    Hand drawn vision to come soon

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  • Subbed. I love Bergerac.

  • Hope this is going to involve some nods to the great series. Maybe some custom decals?

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  • I’ll put a nod to the island on it somewhere:
    One of these will do nicely :

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  • Then this:

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  • yes needs a sturdy rack so you can give Phillipa Vale a lift as you ride off with her and a bag of diamonds :)

  • For the low rider panniers:

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  • Love those splatter paint cindercones. Always lusted after one

  • Finally got round to drawing a picture

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  • Something very mint sauce about that, looks great.

  • I knew stylistically in reminded me of something.

  • Ah, just googled mint sauce- I love that cartoon style. I have my own character I designed a while back - may upload a pic of him . He’s called Jackson Potter.

  • Nice. Following on the basis of a great drawing!

  • Yay, another triple on the way.

    2019 is going to be all about the triples.

  • 2020 will see the return of the quad.

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  • Yo

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  • Cool drawing.

    Hobby or your profession?

    Bike looks good.

  • Ah thanks, not a job unfortunately just do a few doodles here and there. Might do some greetings cards..

    Bike’ll be done soon -restrap bag arrived - rack on back order. Steerer needs cutting and gears dialing in. Will take some pictures .

  • Stickers arrived, not sure which to use

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  • First one. Definitely.

  • Is a cassette welded to a crank aicmfp

  • Progress

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  • Wonderful

  • Took this for a windy spin on Salisbury plain near imber. What a blast- great flow over a lot of loose stones and gravelly downhills. Steerer needs trimming and gears tuning.

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John Nettles’ nostalgia Bergerac build (kona)

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