• Struggling to come up with a definitive wheel build for the Pretorius road fixed. Really want to get hold of some Mack low flange hubs but I’m not on Facebook so struggling to figure out how you order some. Rims I think I’ll go Archetypes - bit done to death but I need a brake surface for the front and I think they’re probably the best looking and performing on that front.

    Can decide silver or black spokes. Think silver might tie the ti parts together well.

  • The black hammered VO mudguards are very good!

  • some great records i've missed over the past year or so here! here's my contribution:

  • Been a nuts few months with work and lots of travelling so this thread has sadly been abandoned.

    Few fun developments on the ongoing projects though.

    Picked-up a nice old 2 speed ti Brompton. The fixed Dahon was just making too many endless creaks and (having cold-set the frame and forks to take standard track hubs) felt like it might at some point kill me.

    Brompton is great fun to ride, but anyone else feel like they need to tinker with them a disproportionate amount though? Maybe just a result of the myriad of moving parts. Still, an enormous improvement on the Dahon (the carcass of which anyone can have for free if they want it for spares/repairs (or want to ride it and risk their teeth)).

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  • Frame is great, but the brakes and drive chain could do with an upgrade. Decisions need to be made as to whether to be sensible or plough some Paul levers and a DA chainset at it.

  • Also picked-up an old Giant track frame for fixed TTs. Have a Zipp 900 disc with the track axle convertor so that should work well. Zipp bars picked-up for a good price. Need to acquire a Tririg front brake and an aero chainset.

    If anyone has a Rotor track chainset hanging around, hit me up!

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  • Dude totally missed this - yeah great album, thanks for the link!

  • Also got the Pretorius track back from the boys at Cole Coatings and couldn’t be happier. My eldest is coming of riding age so this is going to be a stupid fixie skidder that I can tool around on in the parks, bridle paths light woodland etc while he finds his skillz.

    On the paint I ended-up letting the guys do their thing, with some overarching themes of things my son loves (mostly aeroplanes, the countryside, our dog etc).

    The result is hilarious and puts a massive grin on my face (and my son lost his shit when he saw it!). Not going to be to everyone’s taste, but couldn’t be better for a silly tark beik to mess around on with my kids. They went for a cartoony / child’s view but the skill and techniques are incredible. The number of different paints on the fork are amazing - glitter in the sun, shading on the clouds, fades on the sky. They even traced a picture of our dog running across the hills!

    @privatepatterson is a super nice and knowledgable guy and would recommend these guys to anyone.

    Will get someone to take some decent pics once it is built up.

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  • Moar terrible photography from me

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  • There has also been an unholy amount of good metal out over the last few months. Only real upside of travelling a lot recently has been getting through tons of music.

    Most headbangable albums of 2019 thus far go to Goregang, Creeping Death and Fuming Mouth. All so good!





  • Just realised all my old pic links have disappeared so will need to re attach them which is boring.

  • Fixed TT looks fun! I have a set of Rotor track cranks for sale, drop me a PM if interested

  • Nice one will do - I’ve got a feeling I’m going to keep clearing out your old track bits until the Stayer is built!

  • This is really really nice. Different, yes, but finish and theme looks perfectly executed!

  • That paint job...owns...

  • You're too kind.

    Thanks for being a great customer!

    Your clear ideas made this a lot of fun to create.

    Can't wait to see it built up!

  • Picked-up some second hand but unused Mack track hubs for the Pretorius.

    Cannot for the life of me decide on rims. Will be running a front brake so need a brake track. Feel like H Plus Son are a bit done to death but want something low profile with a bit of HHSB value.

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  • Also the Odius have made a fantastic album in the form of Vesica Piscis. ‘Progressive’ death metal isn’t usually my bag (as soon as someone mentions Jazz influences I tend to run for the door), but these guys sound amazing.


  • I want to rebuild my Macks on to A-Force AL33 rims, so that's what I would recommend for good + slave + unique.

    new Alterage also extremely up my street in the Portal / Blood Incantation blur-death mode


  • Hadn’t realised they existed - that’s a good shout

  • Nice but pricey!

    Will need to give Altarage a spin, sounds up my street too!

  • been enjoying Diocletian too, bit more black than death but brutal and punishing

  • Where can you actually buy the A-Force AL33 rims? Seem to be lots of links to reviews and Kickstarter type things but can’t find the shop!

    Just had a look at the TB-14s and they don’t appear to come in 20/24h annoyingly.

  • Love the fork .. Amazing work by Cole Coatings.

    Try Ryan Builds Wheels in Bristol for the A-Force rims ..


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General tinkering (Pretorius / Cervelo / Genesis / Nukeproof etc.) and death metal

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