Mercedes Vito 2006

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  • Our workshop van needs moving on we’ve had it for about 10 years always serviced got 10 months MOT and 105k miles. £1000ono.

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  • What model is it? does it have a tailgate or barn doors?

  • Where are you? Potentially interested.... any other pictures?

  • Tail gate, I’ll check the model tomorrow but I think it’s a 114 cdi

  • Van is based in Park Royal

  • I'm Interested, depending on model

  • Couple more photos

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  • If you can get some pictures of the inside please.

  • I can get pictures tomorrow, but anyone interested should probably come and look it over, I can bring it to Herne Hill area at the weekend if that helps anyone, if not Park Royal week days.

  • Message incoming...

  • Hi, Yes please - I can collect today, if that's not too soon ;-)
    PM sent already.

  • Sounds like this man needs it more than me.


Mercedes Vito 2006

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