Anyone using 3d printing? here are my attempts.

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  • Really cool.

    Had fun flicking through your Instagram account. love your neon splatter cargobike!

  • Nice. Which 3d printer did you use to make them?

  • No Idea, borrowing time on a friend's one. :)

    The idea was that if all of this worked well we'd buy our own. It's working well so thinking of getting one of the 500mm Creality printers

    Do you have advice for what to get? Ideally I'd like to be able to print PEEK too (for polo mallet heads) though I believe this means you need a heated chamber.

  • No advice from me, I'm afraid, although it's something I'm also thinking of getting in the not too distant future. There are too many little plastic parts and bits for fixtures which would be handy to have, and hopefully reasonably easy to make with a 3d printer.

  • ooh nice, i saw that earlier on insta, i think ima give it a go

    I printed a load of parts for my jig because i don't have access to much in the way of lathe/mill. Worked out pretty well, tho i think for oxyfeul it might not, i tig weld. Tack in the jig and remove to weld up, so the tubes dont get too hot in the jig. Otherwise i think you'd have problems with melting stuff

  • Have been watching this on ig, and have enjoyed it a lot. My 2p on printers would be that if you've got a basic machine shop, nothing but a very good (expensive) printer is going to be 'life changing'. On a couple of jobs I've raced the printer to make something, me machining and the printer, er.... printing. Mostly I've won. When it has come into its own has when it has been complex shapes to prototype solely for fit up before sending stuff out. It's a very addition to the shop, but didn't change my world.

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  • Also, it's a great intro to making the jump from CAD to CAM.

    Also, you can print cocks on them.

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  • Like a titanium printer ?

  • I'd love one, why do you always have to make my tools look rubbish? ;)

  • Sorry bro.....

  • I don’t see any titanium dicks though...

  • Is the dildo getting candy fadez?

  • Company called dassi bikes when I went to his head officers he was 3d printing full aero bars with tt mounts. epic stuff. maybe drop him a mil if your taking it further. His name is stuart

  • I was thinking it might be useful to post .STL or CAD files of decent, well designed, relevant parts that are tried and tested.
    I'll kick off with something simple - a Garmin mount.
    I've been using one off Thingiverse on various bikes for a while - it's reliable, light, and looks ok too.­7/files

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  • 3D printing still blows my tiny mind......the fact that you can, in theory, use one to print another one.

    Howthefuckery at its best.

  • It’s how our robot overlords will outnumber us.

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Anyone using 3d printing? here are my attempts.

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