SEO/ general online marketing thread?

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  • Any of you guys/girls doing this for a living or enjoy it as a hobby?

    I've been working with a company for the last 6 months, and I've taught myself a little bit about SEO/SEM and I find it so damn fascanting!

    This thread is for all things SEO/SEM/general online marketing :)


  • I’ve been doing it as a job for 3 years, now spend my time analysing it and telling clients/teams if what they do is effective.

    Interesting. Yes. Scary. Also yes. Almost makes one go analogue (but then I’d have no job...)

  • Awesome! :)

    I've been learning via Google Garage, Youtube videos and in general having a go myself with Google search console and Google Analytics.

    Anything you can suggest to rocket my learning?

  • I used to do all biddable media for brand and then DR, then a year and a bit in a digital consultancy - web analytics, consumer/ market research, search and content strategy. Then just digital analytics and now I work on Attribution.

    I’d honestly suggest learn web analytics, especially for SEO, and read as much as you can on how page rank and authority works. But the web analytics is a must I think - your CV is twice as strong (for performance marketing). Anivash Kaushik is a good read too, lots of principles in there about marketing and measurement

  • Google Partner Academy/Academy for Ads. By far the best way to get an understanding of Google’s own systems. Pretty good grounding in the theory, and much can be ported over to other analytics software/platforms.

    As @stelfox says get to grips with analytics, the rest comes easy!

  • I run a media analytics agency, have been analysing this stuff for 15 years... built my first attribution model 10 years ago. In fact if any senior econometricians are looking for a job, drop me a line!

  • "Where did the Daily Mail's Google traffic go, What was the Daily Mail's Google traffic, What is the Daily Mail's Google traffic's net worth, what is the Daily Mail's Google traffic's height,"

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SEO/ general online marketing thread?

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