• Up for sale is this fine piece of craftsmanship coming out of the Waterford workshop

    If you know you know, but if not this is an incredibly well built frame, Waterford 14 Series Vision OS2 Road Frame with an Alpha Q GS10 Fork. The frame was made using True Temper tubing and has Waterford Stainless steel dropouts. These forks have a fantastic reputation, as do Waterford, and rightly so. This is easily the most fun bike I have ever owned. Very light for a steel frame and so much fun to ride. Very nimble and quick to respond, great kick to it, and never left me wanting.

    It's a 57cm top tube with a semi compact geometry. I'm a touch under 6'2" and its just a little small for me.

    It was second hand when it came to me and I have done a fair few km's on it in the nearly four years I have owned it. It has been very carefully looked after but the paint job is looking shabby, and so the frame is in need of a respray. As nice as a white frame looks, it can be a pain to keep clean so its a good time to change colour. Due to this i am offering it at a lower price.

    There is also some minor corrosion on the cable guide braze-ons, and around where the band on front mech goes, but a stripping of the paint would sort that. I had a Parlee carbon front mech bracket on there so needed to be close to the frame, hence why some of the paint was taken off. Happy to pass on this bracket to the next owner.

    If you have any questions hit me up.

    Located in South-East London but can meet Central.

    Looking for £650

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  • This is very lovely.

  • yup. a banger.

  • Wish I was shorter.

    Amazing frames with one finest forks ever made.

  • Thank you all for the love, it really is with a heavy heart i'm letting this go.

  • Can someone in the know educate me on Waterford? I’ve seen a few on here and I can use google but some help would be appreciated!
    what’s the frame geometry? Do you have any pictures of it built up?
    Cheers in advance,

  • My mate who was in the industry, and in the know on best brands, had a couple of waterfords. Nice frame for someone, bit small for me alas..

  • Hey @mattyc

    Like Jeromeo said, they have a fantastic reputation within the industry and with those avid steel fans. Very rare to see them in the UK but when you do its usually ridden by someone who really cherishes it. I recently had two friends buy bike from Waterford and then ride from the UK to China on them. They couldn't praise their bikes enough.

  • Some photos of it built

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  • Tiny photos but my, oh my, that is pretty. I used to know a guy with a Gunnar (I believe they are Waterford lower tier brand) and even that was lovely to ride, so this will be extra lovely. Seriously good price too.

  • @JB yep, Gunnar are great too. Think they are semi-custom Waterford but still fantastic.

  • Gunnar is semi off the peg Waterford.
    Both made by the same people. They used to build Schwinns and most domestic small companies frames. They did build the first Milwaukee bruisers for MBC too.

    Had a Gunnar roadie in a past life. Loved it to bits.

  • Hope the @Paon won't mind me sharing my 2 cents about this item.
    I used to own this very frameset for short period of time before OP and I still refer to it when I compare other steel bikes.
    This is actually R33 model which was top of the Waterford line build with True Temper S3 holly grail of a steel tubes,sadly discontinued for a while now(long before TT stopped production of steel tubes all togheter)maybe because it was very difficult to build with and only suitable for Tig.
    This very frameset was bit under 1600g from my memory and paired with GS 10 forks rode sublime and after riding tons of other exotic steel bikes I still can't find anything with similar ride characteristic and low weight and have my eBay search saved for this very model in my exact size.
    Whoever will buy it,won't be disappointed.

  • Thanks @Justin_Case for the additional information. It is a super light frameset, which always surprised me, and totally agree with you on ride feel. It is the most fun and responsive bike I have ever ridden.

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*RARE* Waterford R33 Road Frame (True Temper S3) and Fork for sale!!!!!

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