Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • Dragons Den >>>>

  • People should maybe not talk about copying others designs or it has the potential to get personal.

    I don't think anyone was

  • Serious question, what year was the ChocolateDonkey setup? I know it was finished shortly before the infamous camping trip and years before I saw anything remotely similar on a bike?

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  • Ah then I misread, my bad. I was reading it in the middle of working while doing two other things and obvs got the wrong end of the stick.

  • I think it's 11 years ago now. You could count the number of commercially active bikepacking bagmakers on the fingers of a ninja turtles hand back then!
    Carousel design works were one of the top two back then and most people have probably never heard of them. :)

    I give Eric Parsons from Epic designs (now revelate) full credit for inspiring those bags though!

  • Crikey that was a while ago. That night(and the ride up ditching with @Sparky the morning after) will forever be burned into my memory.

  • I'd completely forgotten about this beauty! What a bike! One of the best on LFGSS of all time!

  • As it is now it's a charity donation page to a business, which just seems weird to me.

    I had the same feeling, seems weird to not go the route of kickstarter and selling/preordering products.

    Was also looking for social media links to share but seemingly the only bag maker ever without a website/twitter/instagram/facebook all churning out promotional material.

  • I think the kickstarter approach is much more viable in a case where the products are much less time consuming to make or the actual manufacture is outsourced to existing capable factories..
    That way it's just a matter of waiting for enough money to start the production.

    In the BRP case you would be able to factor in establishing costs in the first batch, but they would be more expensive than the next batches. And Scott would still need a lot of time to establish the workshop before even getting to sew the early birds bundles.

  • I'm beginning to feel like I invented gofundme in a dream and am the first and only person to ever use it, and that none of the hundreds of thousands of previous successful gofundme business campaigns ever existed.

    I've explained several times why I'm not doing kickstarter at this point.

  • Not sure how we have a thread right here of people asking for t-shirts, do a run of t-shirts+belts+key clips+whatever as kickstarter rewards to fund the next projects. Plenty of things on kickstarter that have funded by offering a reward that wasn't exclusively the main product.

  • BRP branded cycling caps. There's definitely appetite for a good looking cap with links to the forum.

  • I've seen this trip described in terms like this a couple of times now, and it's made me paranoid as I remember it as a fun but uncontroversial trip. Did I get drunk and get my bum out or something?

    I remember climbing Ditchling with Ed and a fella on a post bike with a BBQ on the front and a huge propane canister on the back, hose slung betwixt the two on the top tube.

  • ^ I think the same guy turned up to an early tweed run with a 1hp friction drive motor mounted to the same bike.. I’d forgotten about the bbq bike..

    I think you must have wiped out before one guy started kicking off good and proper. I mostly remember me and fire marshal Mashton tending sausages and trying to roll smokes with hands covered in oil and jäger.

    Anyway, I think it’s been made perfectly clear why there’ll be no Kickstarter at this point..

  • The BBQ bike guy was called cheese international ir something like that. Dinner if he is still on here.

    There was a polish douche bag guy that was a complete cock to Rosie, iirc?

    There were sausages and an attempt to buy internet delivered booze at about 8pm.

    Coincidentally, I remember talking to Scott at the lunch pub stop about investment in his bag business. The pub at the top of Turner's Hill, I think.

  • MrMental? Lived up to the name....

    Cheesecake_Intl I think was his name. Early exponant of fgfs iirc? I think me and Sparky stopped off at his workshop in Brighton before getting the train.

  • Cheesecake_Intl

    I sold him a bike & bought my faux-pro frame from him. Nice guy.

  • Yeah he was cool, def common sight at early forum events doing tricks on innapropriate bikes.

    Apologies for the derail :/

  • I don't know Scott, wouldn't mind doing, by the cut of his jib, I've read his gofundme page, seemed pretty clear to me what he's after. Kickstarter will come later, no point doing that if he hasn't got his workspace/tools of the trade in order, which is what his campaign is for.
    I don't think I've read a more honest (warts n all) plea, very personal stuff, including his mental state and previous fuck ups!
    Scott, I'm probably not in the market for your type of bags, but once yer up and running count me in for a t shirt/cap/sticker/patch, whatever sundries you may produce.
    Get paid Friday, it won't be a lot, but I'd love to help.
    Peace n love my man, hope it all goes according to plan.

  • That rings a bell... Shit. Bad vibes by the campfire.

    Glad it wasn’t because I got my bum out.

  • I believe in you. It's OK to ask for help doing this. I'll drop you some money on pay day.

  • I echo jontea above. I also don't know Scott. When I first read this a few days ago I was also sceptical. Maybe I still am. But I see this not as the first rung of the ladder of the business but as getting him to the ladder in the first place. From there it is up to him. (I would still be up for a kickstarter t-shirt, key ring, whatever though)

  • Bump!

  • Cheesecake_Intl I think was his name.

    Yep, nice chap.

  • Best T-shirt ever, still have it, v stealth, v low-key.­46/

    I will also put something down come payday.
    Cheers Scott :)

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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