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  • To give you an idea of where I'm at right now...
    After my girlfriend moved out, my rent doubled, so I've been working six days a week all year since April just to try and not lose this flat, because if I do, I lose my workshop too. There is no way I can afford a separate flat and a big enough workshop, and I basically only have one bedroom left, so I can't move anyone else in, and I'm not sure I could handle a stranger living here anyway.
    So after struggling to cover everything for the best part of a year, I got an email this week from my landlord to say that he wants to put my rent up by £305 per month, from January, taking my rent alone up to £2000 a month.
    So I was just about to ask my boss if there is any chance of me working Sundays too, so seven days a week...
    Then last night I was hit by a car on my way home from work, and now I have a broken collarbone, which means I'll be unable to work for at least six weeks.
    I have no savings whatsoever, and now I'll most likely have no income.
    And like a fucking idiot, because of a mixture of adrenaline and anger, I didn't realise how badly I was injured until I started riding home, having not taken ANY details from the driver. So I fucked myself even more.
    To say my head is in the worst place it's been for years is a bit of an understatement.
    Sorry, but I don't see anything happening with the bags for a good while. :(

  • Oh fuck! Heal up soon Scott. I hope you can get through this period quickly. Is there anyway you can make some bags while recuperating?

  • Dude I’m so so sorry to hear this. Much love.

  • Not with one arm.
    I also don't have all the materials I need.

  • If you can get some one to help you retrieve cctv footage perhaps you can find the culprit. I know this was done by a student a few years ago, because the police did F all. Even if it wasn't off the incident itself, you may find the driver.
    Heal up quick.

  • a big enough workshop

    How big of a workshop do you need and what area would be good for you? I might know of something cheap enough that could work if you moved to somewhere where rent is cheaper.

    Heal up fast. Bust up collarbones suck :-(

  • That sucks Scott, donated a little but sounds like your landlord is at it too. Doubling rent then adding an extra £305 that’s no ideal.

  • Fucking hell, some people have no luck! Donated.

  • Quick one on the rent front, I had the same years ago with an old landlord... they can’t charge you what they want and if you think it’s too much, go to the council and see what they about it.

  • Yeah you don’t have to accept a rent increase just like that. Especially by that much. You only have to accept it if you agree at the start of a contract otherwise I’m pretty sure it has to be mutual agreement. He has said he wants to, doesn’t mean he can unless you just go along with it

  • Never heard this before, had my rent increased like it's a sport while renting in London, sometimes by 100%

  • This isn't true unless you're in the middle of a fixed term contract. If you've come to the end of a fixed term contract or if you're on a rolling contract then the rules are different, and it's unfortunately likely that the landlord is operating within their rights. In theory the rent increase has to be 'fair' but in practice this means nothing.

  • Proving fair is a moving target. A friend had a similar thing and the landlord could prove that similar properties in the area went for the new price so although it was a 20% increase, it wasn't unfair and in fact, the current rent was unreasonably low compared to other places.

  • Regarding the rent situation, it's exactly as @bens0n says.
    I had a one year contract which rolled once it ended.
    But to be fair to my landlord, he didn't increase my rent since then.
    He now wants to set up a new contract and increase the rent to be more in line with the other flats.
    It's just a pisser because he's increasing it by such a large amount in one go.
    I'm trying to negotiate with him to reduce the increase a bit.
    It's just typical of my luck that I get a £305 increase and then get hit by a car in the same week.

    I just want to say a HUGE thank you to @RunRabbitRun for organising a gofundme to help me out, and to all those who have donated too.
    I really do appreciate it so much. I'm trying so hard to stay above water at the moment, but it's been an endless flow of shit news and disasters this year.
    Thank you all so much for the support. Xxx

  • Sorry to hear your news Scott, no idea if there's anything we can do, but just ask if there is. Heal well.

  • I can't believe rent is £2k a month, that's double my chuffing mortgage.
    I'll definitely top up my donation on payday next week.

    I know you said you can't do bags at the moment but have you considered a pre-order with deposits once you can start using your arm again?

    Heal up.

  • It's none of my business but I would move out asap if I were you, even without the increase It's an enormous amount to pay only on rent. Working extra only to cover rent is such a waste of life.
    Hope you heal quickly and get everything sorted!

  • £2k a month, that's double my chuffing mortgage.

    yeah thats mad, I know its london but wow.

  • That's what you would do if you were 'you'.
    Please remember that when I rented this place I wasn't living alone. I was with my partner. I put everything I had into this place. Every penny I had from my own earnings, my family, and the amount I got from the BRP gofundme went to building my workshop, buying new machines etc with the intention of starting BRP properly again.
    I took on a second job to allow me to fund the design and prototyping of the new bags without having to rely on the generosity of other people. At that point things were really starting to look up. I was motivated, and feeling more positive than I had in a long time.
    It's unfortunate that literally a couple of weeks after starting the second job, lockdown was announced and I lost my main job with one week notice.
    I lost my main source of income for six months, and even now I'm not back to my full hours.
    I sold bikes, music equipment, all sorts of things in order to keep hold of the flat, because without it I would lose not only my home, but my workshop, and my hope too.
    It wasn't an easy time for people then. I had no benefits, or furlough, or savings to fall back on.
    If you have any kind of mental health issues it's important to have something to occupy your mind and be able to focus on. For me at the time this was BRP.
    The reason my rent is so high now is because my relationship suffered as I suffered, and so I have been living alone since April. My outgoings doubled overnight. I have been working and fighting so hard all year because I can't fit everything I have here in a regular flat. This is a warehouse conversion. Very open layout. Which is specifically why I chose this space.
    If I give it up I lose everything. I can't afford a separate flat and workshop. Flats of this size are now even more expensive than this one. I already renovated this place from top to bottom, and my workshop has been built from scratch to fit this space.
    The thought of giving it all up, putting my workshop and studio into storage, and renting a regular single person flat, while property continues to increase in price around me has a worse effect on my mental state than working 2 jobs, six days a week to keep what I have already built up. I would still have to work just as many hours to try and save up enough money to rent a place big enough to fit my workshop in further down the line anyway. By which point the prices will be even higher.
    Seeing this workshop every day, seeing what I have achieved, and seeing how hard I am prepared to work to keep it is what keeps me going. The hope that at some point I'll get my shit together and make it all work.
    I understand that to you and others it might look like a waste of life, but believe me it's saving my life.
    I understand that other people see 'solutions', and all the things that 'they would do if they were me'...but my mind moves in its own way, at its own pace.
    The fact that I'm still trying, still working hard, and haven't just accepted defeat makes me realise that in some ways I'm getting better.
    Yes I have self harmed again recently. Yes I've had suicidal thoughts. But I haven't given up.
    I still have enough of myself left to see a future, and that hasn't always been the case.

  • I now you're unable to work or make bags at the moment but would making bags rake in more cash than your job per hour or is the job where the money is?

  • No judgement, just love from nz. I've never met you Scott, but have a few of your bits and wishing you're back to 100% soon.

  • No need to thank me. Just heal up, care for yourself instead of harming and let's see what else we can do to get BRP moving properly.

    I will say this though... London is shit and you should live in Norfolk. Ha. xxx

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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