Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • Well the plan was always going to be to FINALLY get the backpack out there...but because the design is quite involved with regards to the custom hardware I had to put it on hold when I lost my job for six months. Instead I have been working on the redesign of the messenger bag, and this will hopefully appear alongside a couple of pouches/smaller bags, and a few small accessories. Once I'm a bit more on track again financially the backpack will be the priority again.

  • Thank you for the donation Dov, it's much appreciated!
    I can't seem to get onto my gofundme on my phone at the moment so I'll thank you on there tomorrow. Xx

  • Cool excited to see your new stuff, Ill defo buy something for sure defo want either a messenger or a backpack when they finally drop.

  • It’s a real testament to you and your work ethic that you’re still here, plugging away and making the most of a bad situation. I think it’s a good thing that you’re going to be making smaller pieces, me for one, would rather buy say a bar bag/tool roll from you than a larger company. Sadly, there’s always gonna be someone trying to drag you down to their level. I’ve been thinking about getting some T shirts printed and I’ve been umming and ahhhing for ages... maybe I should just bite the bullet and get it done.

  • There's a bit of a forum void in the T-Shirt market, with Jon mask having gone back down under.

  • Glad to hear progress is happening albeit not at the rate you'd have liked, at least it's all still heading in the right direction!

    I agree on the t-shirt suggestion and maybe even some other "trivial" bits and pieces (bidons, sticker packs etc.)

    I know it may not feel like they're products that carry the same design principle and purist focus of the bags but if it helps out on cashflow and they're still good kit it might be the best way to build momentum, especially if they can be done on the crowdfund principle so you don't need to carry stock?

    I was only wearing my BRP hoody yesterday in fact :)

  • I like doing the tees and reason being that it's the only time I get any new clothes. :) ...but the last time I tried there just wasn't enough interest, and I can't afford to cover costs upfront and be left with stuff I can't sell.
    I'm putting everything into the bags at the moment, mentally and financially, and each little step forward is motivating me more.
    It will be a great feeling to finally get the new products finished because I know how much I've put into them.

  • I’d definitely buy another tee/sweatshirt with the BRP logo, still wear my logo T all the time. Think the last run of sweatshirt graphics may have just been a bit ‘full on’ for some.

  • Shame, because I really wanted one! 😂

  • I was on that t shirt list, gutted it never happened, best of luck Scott 👍

  • I only just saw the last run and yeah... probably not my thing. The logo t is great though, one of my favourites. I'd take a variation on that if you ever decided it was worth your effort. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the workshop

  • I live in my hoodie. I will be ready for a new one soon

  • +1 ghostface hoodie

  • I’m after a belt when you start making these again. Love your stuff 👍

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  • There will be new belts,keyclips, and lock holsters on the way. :)

  • Oh mind, I actually have a full collection too...! And the most current version of the courier bag! :-)

    Can't find my hoodie, I think my ex stole it when we parted ways...

  • I could do with a new BRP keyclip , and a belt is always useful.
    Happy to pre-pay if you are planning on a run in the near(ish) future.

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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